Monday, February 23, 2009

Buy Our Troops a Coffee

Buy our Troops a Coffee

Kingsville's Royal Canadian Legion Branch 188 in conjunction with the Town, the BIA and the community will be holding a

'Support Our Troops Day'
Saturday March 14th, 2009.
Dinner: 5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 188
145 Division Street S
Kingsville, ON
The Legionnaires will be promoting a yellow ribbon campaign throughout the town, and hosting a BBQ Pig Roast Buffet dinner at the Branch -145 Division St S Kingsville, ON.
The evening dinner will offer two sittings (5 & 7 p.m.) and will hold "balloon burst" for prizes as well as hockey memorabilia raffle items. Tickets are $15.00 adult, ($10.00 for 12 and under) and our own Kingsville firemen will be doing the cooking.
Businesses are encouraged to decorate with Yellow ribbons which will be available from local florists at a minimal charge. Red t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as Dinner tickets, will be available for sale at the Branch.
SOLDIERS: Requests are being made for photos (in uniform) of any of our local men and women who are currently in the Service so that they can be added to a wall of honour. All proceeds from the event will go to the Troop Morale Fund, which buys each of our troops posted in Afghanistan a Tim Horton's coffee and a doughnut as often as possible.
On March 14th, 2009 let's show our Troops that we have them in their hearts and support their effort 100% of the time.

Thank you Carolyn. Everyone.. Support Our Troops... Tie a Yellow Ribbon on your tree! Head to Kingsville if you can.. let's donate enough to buy EVERY ONE of our soldiers a coffee and a donut! It's the least we can do for them! ~m.m.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recently, I received an email from Lisa Solonynko who is a great inspiration to all.
Lisa was born and raised in Ontario, and had been living in Alberta for 20 years before heading to Cyprus. Her family is currently in Cyprus very isolated, completing a 2 year United Nations Peacekeeping mission. They are dedicated to helping support their community.
While in Cyprus, her family has endeavored to keep their community spirit going. They work with the International community in Cyprus as well as housing abandoned dogs in their home until they are healthy enough to be adopted. Canada is always in their minds and they are raising money for the MFRC through her greeting card sales. Because of my link to Mike McTeague's Wounded Warrior Fund, she has included them as a charity.
Her site makes it easy for both soldiers and families of deployed soldiers to send cards to their loved ones. Simply pick a card...customize the inside message and provide the shipping address. She will send it for you.
If you need a custom design, just let her know and she will create an original piece that is exactly what you need.
Lisa says: Thank you so much for your sacrifice and confirming my Canadian pride. and to Families of Deployed Soldiers: Thank You for your sacrifice and the support you give our members. I know how hard it can be while a loved one is deployed.

Thank YOU Lisa from the bottom of our hearts here in Canada. You're a true inspiration to us all. All the best to you for all you do for our soldiers and families and to your husband on his mission.
Lisa's Cards can be seen and purchased at:

Proceeds from her store will go to the following Canadian organizations:, and the Military Family Resource Centre.

Friday, February 13, 2009

With Dusty Sands of the Afghan Desert

The other day, I dragged my feet through the door after a long day. I turned to check my mail and there it was buried between the ads and the bills - a Canada Post Parcel Pick up tag. Ignoring the other mail, I quickly picked it up, examining the tag for clues. No clues. Coming to intimately know the hours of the Postal Outlet I checked my watch - closed. I returned to my car and affixed the tag to my shifter knob - a keen reminder for the next day.
Feeling as though I again was a child in the early mornings of Christmas day, I just couldn't wait. My day at work finally finished and I swiftly jumped into my car and drove to the Post Office.
As soon as the staff saw me enter their outlet, they quickly became very bubbly and so excited!
Dave soon re-entered the counter area caring a brown paper wrapped parcel - just a beaming!
"It's for YOU this time... this time YOU are getting a parcel!" he exclaimed. I recognized the handwriting on the parcel... it was from my son!! Running my hand on it, I soon felt the dustiness of the Afghan sand. Together we looked it over - looking at the stamps - the HUGE $8 stamp on it - as well as the others. A heart and "Happy V-Day" was written on the one side.
The staff asked if I was going to rip it open in the car. I said, "Are you kidding? I need to take pictures of it first!" (if you know me, you'll know how me that statement is) As well, I noticed it also had my husband's name on it, so I knew I should wait.... some more. Promising the staff that I'd return to disclose to them what treasures were inside, I strode out to the car, beaming yet nervously caring the parcel. Was it the replies for the children's letters? hmm.
That evening, we sat on the sofa in the living room. I set up the camera for a picture when the dogs both jumped on the sofa with us - just as curious if not more. Carefully, trying not to tear the lettering, I proceeded in opening the parcel. First we opened the card - it was so beautiful.
Somehow I felt as though lots of love and a hug enveloped us as we read it. I then wept.
I love you too my son. We're so very proud of you. Happy V-Day to you too.
Love always, Mom

When I open my eyes,
I can clearly see
The colour of the Canadian sky looking back at me
Within a parcel dusted with Afghan sand
A Valentine card clutched tightly in my hands
I can feel a huge tear rolling down to my chin
I can only feel the pride from deep within
The words he wrote with such amazing grace
I wipe the tears falling from my face,
For the love from my son I received from away
Fills my heart full of love on Valentines Day.
~ Military Mom