Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Soldier Bear

The Story of "Soldier Bear"
Soldier Bear comes all the way from Nova Scotia to help the children and families of the Canadian Forces personnel deployed to Afghanistan. Soldier Bear was created by Fred Herman, a Veteran to the forces, to show his appreciation of the contribution of the men and women who are serving our country and others.
For only $20.00 Soldier Bear can be purchased at most MFRC's across Canada,Irving Oil Locations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland which include Irving Big Stops, Irving Mainways and Irving Blue Canoe outlets,The Military Family Resource Centres in Halifax, Moncton, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Canadian Forces Base Shilo, Canadian Forces base Winnipeg, Canadian Forces Base Moose Jaw and Canadian Forces Base Edmonton.The Hudson Group outlets at the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport, Calgary International Airport and Vancouver International Airport,Also available at CANEX outlets at Canadian Forces Base Greenwood, Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, Canadian Forces Base Halifax, Canadian Forces Base Shearwater and Canadian Forces Base Stadacona, Halifax. The Soldier Bear can also be purchased from inventor "Fred Herman" by the following means of contact:

Email: afganteddybear@eastlink.ca
Residence: 1-902-883-6607
Cell Number: 1-902-488-9269 or
Fax: 1-902-883-1067
I have one and it is the softest bears I ever held-what a comfort!- - and he's dressed in desert cadpat!
Shown here: Fred Herman inventor of "Soldier" and Honorable Peter MacKay, Minister of Defense for Canada
About Fred Herman: After serving for 33 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, Herman later followed that career within the Military environment for an additional 10 years. During his lengthly career, he was a multi-decorated Canadian Forces Peacekeeper. He then decided to seek out other opportunities to contribute to society and escape the possibility of boredom during his retirement years.
Upon retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces/Military environment, Herman joined the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires in Nova Scotia and was assigned duties at the Halifax International Airport (recently renamed the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport) where he was employed on security duties. His duties at the airport have been very enlightening while his tasks have varied considerably as all assigned tasks are driven by requirement.
At one point, Herman was assigned the task of escorting a fallen comrade who was being returned from Afghanistan for burial in his home province of Newfoundland. This, to Fred Herman, was an honour and an extremely important and touching task which brought back memories of his Peacekeeping duties in war-torn countries such as Lebanon, Israel, Cyprus, Syria and Egypt to him. After completing his missions in these troubled countries he appreciated the fact that he returned safely and unscathed to Canada. Although it was an honour to represent our marvellous country of Canada, Herman says he must admit that there were many times during these missions that fear of his personal safety and that of his fellow soldiers were of great concern. As he carried out my duties of escorting the fallen comrade, his heart was full of sorrow and sympathy for the soldier's family. During this ceremony Herman had the opportunity to speak with some of the soldiers present and recalling his own experiences, he was inspired to do something to contribute and show appreciation for their efforts in trying to make this particular country a better place for all residents.
After much thought and consideration Fred Herman settled for the idea of creating and producing a small Teddy Bear to represent the present day Canadian Soldier now serving in Afghanistan. After a considerable amount of artwork, many prototypes and nine months later, "Soldier" the Teddy Bear, pictured here was born.
Following the birth of "Soldier" Herman set out to secure an agency to support his efforts as well as having support for the Canadian Forces in their mission in Afghanistan. That agency was the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) with an office in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The staff at this centre was inspired by Herman's project and he committed himself to contribute a portion of the proceeds from the sale of "Soldier" to all Military Family Resource Centers across Canada who participate in the sale of "Soldier" as a fundraiser for their MFRC. These centres all across Canada provide tremendous support for families of our soldiers serving in Afghanistan as well as other war-torn counties.
Herman now contributes funds every six months to the MFRC's who are participating in this endeavour of fundraising for their particular MFRC.
Herman is dedicated to this venture and promises to pursue every avenue open to him to make it a success. This precious little item, "Soldier", represents our Canadian Forces personnel deployed in Afghanistan.
A BIG HUA to Fred Herman!!


Anonymous said...

I am the inventor of the litle "Soldier" teddy and many thanks for the writeup and promotion of my item. It all helps for the worthy cause and I support any endeavour to show exactly the support that our troops require to continue their ongoing struggle in Afghanistan. Once again, many thanks for your support of my efforts with "Soldier"

Sgt. Slingsby said...

Greetings from Sgt. Slingsby and the British Army Rumour Service.

MCpl Amy Soldier will soon be joining the other Bears in our British Military fund-raising team. Read all about their work at www.sgtslingsby.com

God bless all out there. Move fast, stay low and come home safe.