Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Comment Moderation

Unfortunately, due to a disgraceful and disgusting act of adult spam on the comment section of a posting for a fallen soldier, I have needed to resolve to "Comment Moderation". It will protect the postings from this happening again.
You can still comment on any posting, however it may take a day or two to be publicized as the comment comes to my attention first and I then decide if the comment is appropriate. If appropriate, I would then send it onto publication.
It has taken a couple of days of hard work to delete the "works" of this person. I apologize should anyone had seen it - I did not agree with anything it stood for.
As to the person (s) who had done this dispicable act, they have been reported and are being dealt with. Should you witness anything as this on my site, please let me know.
So, long story short - welcome back and please continue placing you comments! I love reading your input!
Here's to continued support!