Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He's Home!

He's home!!
My son is home!!
Driving to Trenton, my cell phone rings. It's my son. (the last time this happened in Trenton was the day his plane was flying through the clouds enroute to a country so far away)

They arrived in the Prime Minister's plane.

His plane touched Canadian soil ~ home. I cried with my dear friend Rita who was trying to see the road ahead through the tears~ Her son was in that same plane!

In the terminal (with permission) we hung up my "hand crafted" Welcome Home sign - adorning the small holes in it that my son's dog had artistically created.

We put up yellow bows (of course). .. and waited. I said to Rita, "it's a shame no one is fussing when the soldiers come through the sliding door. Let's applaud them." ... soon everyone followed suit - soon, all the people in the terminal applauded as each soldier walked through that sliding door! Pride- we showed pride, pride in our soldiers and all they have accomplished, their difficult tasks, the missions being carried forth - now by the courageous soldiers of the next rotation. They walked through the door with a smile, the Afghan dust still clinging to their bags.

Soon I saw him, desert uniform, a scarf- (as seen on many soldiers), pushing a cart of bags, my son. I shrieked (scaring the staff) and ran to him to give him a hug- holding him and looking at him, looking at him the same as the day he was born - a familiar euphoria.

He is home, he is in Canada, he's home.


Biotress said...

Hi, I randomly came across your blog...just wanted to say it's great that your son is home safe!

Ann said...

Congratulations, and all the best to you and your son! We're so proud of all of them!

Anonymous said...

We're so thrilled for you and so proud of Matthew and all OUR soldiers! Getting teary just reading your posting and knowing we'll be in Trenton in a few days welcoming Douglas home. Too bad our military doesn't fly them into the major airports (like the US does). We've been in US airports and the welcome the soldiers get when they deplane is quite moving.

PS - bet Matthew welcomes the shivering!

Dana said...

I am so excited for you!!! Tell your son we are so proud of him! I am looking forward to seeing my brother very shortly!

Anonymous said...

First, Welcome Home!!! Job well done!!
Our son was deployed Jan 29th for the first time,we would like to have an idea what the soldiers would like in the packages that are sent.I'm also looking for a good map of the Kandahar and Hilmand areas. Can't find one with the detail I would like.
Parents waiting to be able to say.... He's home!

Ann said...

Dear anonymous:
My husband was recently deployed as well. Although I'm sure the soldier's requests may vary a little, I'll share with you what my husband has requested:

his baseball and glove
gatorade/crystal lite/ice tea in powder form
hand wipes
mr noodles in styrofoam cup
and believe it or not--dog buscuits for the stray dogs!

Stay Strong!
Cheers, Ann

FreeCyprus said...

That's great news! Lots of hugs and kisses all around i'm sure

Please tell your son we're all proud of him AND his brothers and sisters still fighting the good fight back in Afghanistan!

Military Mom said...

Thank you for all your kind words:) .. I will pass all you well wishes onto my son. It is an exciting time, however, together, we continually think of and support the soldiers who are overseas at this time and their friends and families at home. I'm here for you.. and now we have to figure out another route to get parcels to them as my son had been my original contact. As well, annonymous, I will soon be posting a Care Package entry that could hopefully assist with ideas. (I have now received a few from other military spouses, mothers, family, fathers and friends .. and now my son.) I will collate all and will publish soon. Thank you everyone for you support - I am here for you. ♥

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! Please tell your son I am proud of him. He has served his country and his fellow soldiers with honour.
My husband is over there now.
They are all heroes.