Saturday, February 10, 2007

If Guelph can do it.....

Let's Decorate Our Cities with Yellow Ribbons for Our Soldiers

In the next couple weeks, soldiers from Rotation 2 in Afghanistan will be coming home. Are we ready? Recently, I read a write up in the Guelph Mercury. (see below) Yellow Ribbons will be adorning Guelph when the troops return home. Let's do the same! Let's share our pride, our support.. and welcome our Heroes Home!

Further note: I drove to Guelph this evening and witnessed a spectacular site. Many yellow ribbons fluttered in the breeze from the lamposts in front of Guelph's City Hall and to stand there and hear the ribbons fluttering in the wind, makes your heart melt. Thank you Guelph. It has has left me filled with pride and an overwhelming sense of appreciation- I can only imagine what it will do for our soldiers.

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Picture taken by: Military Mom


Guelph's City Hall Feb. 10, 2007 ~Picture taken by Military Mom

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Story published by the Guelph Mercury on February 9th, 2007:

Yellow ribbons on city buildings will greet troops
GUELPH (Feb 9, 2007)
The City of Guelph will attach yellow ribbons to municipal buildings this month as a show of support for troops returning from Afghanistan, says Mayor Karen Farbridge.
The ribbons, a symbol borrowed from military campaigns in the U.S., will be placed on the front doors of city hall. Managers at other city-owned buildings will be asked to do the same, Farbridge said.
By the end of this month, 12 soldiers from the 11th Field Artillery Regiment, a Guelph-based reserve unit, are expected back from their six-month tour of duty. Some regular forces soldiers currently in Afghanistan who call Guelph home will also be here on leave this month, the military said.
As the soldiers return, the Canadian Forces are asking citizens, businesses and municipalities to display yellow ribbons in prominent locations as a welcome home.
Although the military says any yellow ribbon will do, car magnets and the like can be bought through the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency at


Ann said...

Beautiful pictures. We have friends from 11th field returning--it'll be nice for them

Military Mom said...

Thank you Ann. I drove past the 11th Field and they have a Welcome Home sign out front as well :)

It was heartwarming standing underneath all those ribbons fluttering in the breeze.