Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'd like to share some information about a group I hold dear to my heart - a group of wonderful friends- a new family - I have journeyed through these past 6 months with:


"It is our mission to provide ongoing support to extended families and friends of Canadian Forces personnel who are currently deployed, awaiting deployment, or have returned from Afghanistan and/or other overseas missions. Through meetings, special events, and community awareness programs, our group is committed to increase support for our troops as well as our members."

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide emotional support for all members of the group and individuals connected to Canadian Forces
  • Build the morale of those deployed through participation in community events
  • Promote awareness of the men and women serving in all branches of the military
  • Provide information via round table discussions and guest speakers
  • Respond to requests for support materials such as yellow ribbon pins, t-shirts, etc.

    Who We Are

    We are a welcoming community of families and friends of Canadian military serving in Afghanistan including those who have returned or have yet to be deployed. A few parents and family members first met in the summer of 2006 to share their feelings and concerns for their loved ones overseas. Through information sharing, monthly meetings, guest speakers, community events, and the media, the number of members has grown to include nearly 40 family groups. The name officially became “Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan” in September, 2006.

    What We Do

    Meetings are normally held on the last Saturday of each month and often include guest speakers on such topics as stress, reunions, special events, and information about the mission. Commencing February 24, 2007, these meetings will be held at the Wing 404 in Waterloo. Special events such as Red Friday Rallies, Parades, and Talk shows on radio and T.V. have also been organized to garner support for our troops. For further information about our organization, ordering support materials, or becoming a member, please contact us at

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