Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yellow Ribbons Decorate Guelph

Many thanks to D.B., for directing me to The City of Guelph's website where I found this press release! :

City of Guelph welcomes soldiers home with yellow ribbons

Yellow ribbons are blowing nobly in front of City Hall and City facilities today to honour and recognize soldiers from Guelph’s 11th Field Regiment who are returning from Afghanistan.
“We acknowledge the dedication of Canadian troops abroad, and in particular we wholeheartedly welcome the returning members of Guelph’s 11th Regiment,” says Guelph’s Mayor, Karen Farbridge. “It’s wonderful to have them back at home, and we’re thankful they’ve returned uninjured.”
The yellow ribbons are a tribute to mark the community’s appreciation for the solders’ service. They are meant to show the City’s acknowledgement of and respect for the soldiers who left their civilian lives behind for six months to serve in Afghanistan. In other displays of support, staff in the City’s Revenue and Taxation Division wears red on Fridays as a symbol of encouragement towards Canadian troops. ‘Red Fridays’ is a national initiative that acknowledges the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers and their families.

For information contact:
Tara Sprigg(519) 822-1260 ext. 2610

A further note:
MacKinnon Transport of Guelph is in the process of putting ribbons on their property and their trucks will have ribbons and many employees have the magnets and/or a ribbon on their personal vehicles as well.

A big "HUA" for The City of Guelph
and MacKinnon Transport!!

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