Tuesday, February 20, 2007


With much thanks to Mayor Carl Zehr and city council members, the fluttering of yellow bows can be heard and seen on Kitchener City Hall. After seeing Guelph's City Hall, I thought "why not ask council if they could do the same?" So I did. I asked Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.
What a wonderful way to say "thank you" to our troops. It not only honours them, but it also honours their families and friends. Many soldiers will be returning to the Waterloo Region over the next couple of weeks... the ribbons await to welcome them.

"Thank you-City of Kitchener from the bottom of our hearts! "

Below is a news release from the City of Kitchener:

For Immediate Release
February 19, 2007

Kitchener Ties Yellow Ribbons to Honour Troops

KITCHENER – In honour of local soldiers returning from Afghanistan, the City of Kitchener has attached yellow ribbons to the front of City Hall. The ribbons are a sign of the community’s appreciation for our local servicemen and servicewomen.

They are also a “welcome home” gesture for the several area residents who will be returning from duty periodically for the next three weeks.

“We truly appreciate those who left friends and family behind and travelled so far from home in service to their country,” said Mayor Carl Zehr. “We want to warmly welcome them home.”

A growing number of people are showing their support for Canadian troops by tying yellow ribbons to their homes and businesses, and several area municipalities have followed suit.

The ribbons will be in place at Kitchener City Hall until approximately March 12th.


For more information:

Cathy Gravelle
Office of the Mayor and Council
City of Kitchener

Michael May
Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing
City of Kitchener


Dana said...

This is great! I have emailed our mayor's office and they are looking into different possibilities to welcome our own local soldiers including my brother! To my knowledge, we have at least 10 local "boys" who have already returned or will be returning shortly.

Thanks again for all your posts!

Ann said...

Wow! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Military Mom said...

Dana..soon!! Can you send or direct me to pics of your city if yellow ribbons go up.. and I'll post them! :)