Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spartacat Deployed With Next Roto?

Sens' Spartacat Scores a Hit

February 04, 2007
Ottawa's mascot, Spartacat, typically carries around a cannon-like contraption to shoot hot dogs into the crowd, but the weapon got him in hot water with a member of the Canadian armed services one night last week.
The Senators were hosting Canadian Forces Appreciation Night and Spartacat was pulling his usual antics, loading his weapon and firing blindly into the crowd. On one occasion, when he pulled the trigger without looking, he hit a soldier square in the face, drawing blood.
Mortified at what he had done, Spartacat rushed to the scene to apologize to the man, who was attending the game with his daughter, and returned with some team memorabilia to ease the pain.
At last report, Canadian authorities were looking into the possibility of sending along Spartacat when they dispatch their next round of reinforcements to Afghanistan.

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