Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mothers' Battlegroup

After hearing the latest news, mothers have decided to form
"The Mother's Battlegroup" or
"MATT" (Mothers Against Taliban and Terrorists).
With stresses within, we will look for
the biggest rock to stand on
and give them a harsh fingershaking.
Taliban..don't mess with mothers!

Taliban rockets slam into Kandahar Airfield

Feb 11, 2007 04:18 PM
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – The long period of calm at Kandahar Airfield was shattered Sunday night when two rebel rockets slammed into the base, injuring one NATO soldier.
The force of the explosion sprayed gravel into the face the injured man, causing minor lacerations, said Capt. Andre Salloum, a spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force. "He was treated for minor injuries at the ISAF medical facility and will be released tonight," he said. Lt-Cmdr. Kris Phillips, a spokesman for the Canadian Forces, said the injured soldier was not a Canadian. No damage to buildings was reported and, for security reasons, Salloum refused to discuss where the rockets hit inside the camp.
The Taliban have been threatening to launch a so-called spring offensive against NATO forces, but for the last two weeks have mostly confined their attacks to positions manned by Afghan police. The lone exception came Saturday when a suicide car bomber went after a Canadian convoy, prematurely detonating his explosive-packed vehicle, killing only himself and causing just minor damage to an armoured patrol car. No Canadians were injured. Complete Story


FreeCyprus said...

Thank God no one got killed. I'm prayin for the NATO soldier who got injured.

Military Mom said...

I agree.. Amen to that. Yes our thoughts are with our NATO soldier for a speedy recovery. Our thoughts also with his/her family at this time.