Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cambridge Welcomes Our Troops Home

Cambridge Welcomes Our Troops Home With Yellow Ribbons!

Cambridge has shown great support and pride in honouring our troops home from Afghanistan. This week, Mayor Doug Craig was seen putting up bows himself! Taking a drive around the centre core of Galt, one can not help but not notice the yellow ribbons proudly tied onto the trees on both sides of the streets! In the evening when the trees are lit - the ribbons- Cambridge people, welcome our soldiers, our heroes home. We did not forget, we will not forget. Personally, I'd like to thank Mayor Craig and the Cambridge council for remembering our soldiers who are returning home from Afghanistan.
You have instilled a great sense of pride in our soldiers.
On behalf of military families and friends a big HUA!

Report from the Cambridge Times:
Ray Martin, Cambridge
(Feb 20, 2007)
The City of Cambridge is welcoming troops returning from Afghanistan by adorning public buildings with yellow ribbons and bows.
"We started putting them out last week as a symbol of remembrance and hope," said Mayor Doug Craig.
The bows have gone up in front of the municipal offices, old city hall, local fire halls, and community centres.
Ten members of the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada (RHFC), the local militia regiment, have been serving with Canada's regular forces in Afghanistan since the fall. Those troops are now being rotated back to Canada and have been returning individually and in small groups. Seven have already returned and the final three are expected back in the next few weeks.
"I've had a number of calls from people in the community and we have a staff member whose daughter is serving over there, so it only seems right to honour these soldiers as they make their way home again," Craig said.
Officials with the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada say no special ceremonies are being planned to welcome the returning troops.
"They are decompressing right now, spending time away from the army with their families," said Major Jarrett McDonald.
Although the troops have served overseas and may have seen combat, this is simply another regular troop rotation as far as the regiment is concerned, McDonald explained.
"We've got nothing special planned for our people returning from Afghanistan," he said.

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