Monday, October 29, 2007

Petition To Canada Post For A Support Our Troops Stamp

A new petition has come to fruition. It has been initiated by the same group that started the Tim Hortons for Our Troops Drive. It sent tears to my eyes and warmed my heart as it will all military families.

Bless them for thinking of the families and of our dedicated soldiers. ~m.m.
Thank you Dave Murphy! Here is it is:

This is a Petition to Canada Post Corporation to Dedicate a Stamp to Soldiers and Their Family Members. This group is about showing Support To our Soldiers and their family members at home who stand by them 100% and go through long periods of time without their wives, husbands, sons & daughters with them.

By signing the above petition you are asking Canada Post to Issue a New Stamp with a Support Our Troops Decal on it and also a salute to the family members of the Military.

By issuing this stamp, imagine the pride our soldiers will feel when they get a letter from home with a Support Our Troops Stamp on it

Lets Do This!


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