Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Parade 2007

There was a sea of red at the corner of King and University Avenue in Waterloo this day on October 8th, 2007 - The KW Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The sun shone brightly on the parade. It was easy to spot "the group" this year. For "the group" I'm referring to the ever diligent and caring Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan.
To contact the support group, email: FOCSIA@Hotmail.com

FOCSIA - Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan

It was an ever moving experience. When passing the crowds, the people exploded in vigorous applause and thank you's ensued. Many standing ovations throughout King Street (it was like the wave.. a continuing tidal wave of supporters applauding, cheering and letting the soldiers know their appreciation) The families as always were close behind their sons and daughters - the troops - supporting them - standing behind them. We love them all.

It was hard not to notice (other than the gigantic turkeys and horn of plenty) - overshadowing the families was a military vehicle... Canada's own Cougar. It was brought into the region and driven by soldiers from CFB Petawawa (thank you troops!)

Dignitaries applaud the Troops and families.

A Sea of Red

Firefighters whoop it up when seeing the Vets. All heroes.

Many crowds await the troops.

Families march behind the troops - the boys-our boys.
We're so proud of them!
The soldiers assist an elder veteran who succumbed to the heat.
They cared for him and transported him via the cougar.

Cousins and Uncles.

Waterloo Region Police officers saluted.

Afghan Vets ride aboard the Cougar.

Kitchener-Conestoga's MP Harold Albrecht and Linda Fauteax (a fellow military mom and Mr Albrecht's constituency assistant) proudly display a Canadian Flag. Many thanks to you for handing out the many stickers and flags along the parade route. The children loved them!
Waterloo Crowds

Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan Families of soldiers served, serving and awaiting to deploy to Afghanistan. Friends!

Soldiers aboard the Cougar.

Afghan vets commence marching down King Street.

Our youngest supporter takes a break from marching.

Support Our Troops

An O.P.P. cruiser displays a Support Our Troops ribbon decal in the window.

Renaud from CFB Petawawa (thank you!)

Prep work

Canada's Cougar in front of WLU residence. Soon to board this vehicle were some of the Veterans having returned from their ever appreciable and dedicated mission in Afghanistan.

Soldiers have a good vantage point of King Street

Families find relief in an air conditioned comforts of a bus.

A big note of appreciation goes out to John Prno -for organization and welcomed transportation to point A. Thank you John!

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Anonymous said...

Rose, wonderful pics of the parade!! You got some really good shots of my granddaughter- could you please send me copies?? I tried just to save them from the blog but it said I had to contact you first. Dorothy