Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Donate Blood ...In Honour.. of Canadian Forces Personnel

Major General Herbert Petras, Chief of Reserves and Cadets, announced today that Canadian Forces members - Regular and Reserves- and their families are inviting Canadians to donate blood to the Canadian Blood Services or Hema-Quebec this November as a way of honouring the past and ongoing contributions of Canadian Forces personnel at home and abroad.In Canada, demand has been strong for blood and blood products and this past summer there were critical shortages. The Canadian Forces and their families' hope that their invitation will encourage able Canadians to attend blood clinics and improve the current blood bank situation.All blood donors attending Canadian Blood Services clinics across the country will have the opportunity to fill in an "In Honour" card recognizing Canadian troops' contribution to a better world.

Shown here: Chief of Reserves and Cadets Major- General Herbert Petras and Chair of the Board of Directors at Canadian Blood Services Dr. Verna Skanes talk with blood donor Jessica Peddle of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, during a visit to the Canadian Blood Services donation centre in Halifax on Wednesday Oct. 24, 2007.

"The annual November In Honour blood drive has been a great success in past years," said Dr. Graham Sher of Canadian Blood Services. "It provides a tangible means for Canadians to say thank you for the sacrifices made by service members every day at home and abroad." The cards will be forwarded to CF members deployed throughout the world.This fall, mobile clinics will visit Canadian Forces bases across the country so that members of the Canadian Forces, their families and their friends can do their part to respond to the increasing need for blood.Being close to the Canadian public in their everyday life, reservists can easily relate to blood donors. "Members of the Canadian Forces are volunteers who give their time to something they believe in." says Major-General Petras. " They are in the business of saving lives and keeping Canadian's safe. We are also the partners of the Canadian Blood Services. Their cause is also to save life. I urge all Canadians to participate in blood clinics across the land. After all it is a matter of making a difference and saving life."Captain Gordon Alexander (Sandy) Watson, from Halifax, N.S., knows the importance of both blood donation and the Reserves in Canada. Having been with the Reserves Forces for 19 years and having a 7-year-old boy who is a hemophiliac, the partnership to him makes a lot of sense; "Blood we all depend on it and I know, how important it is to help the Canadian Blood Services ensure the stability of the blood supply," he says.The Canadian military has a strong, historical link to the blood system. Canadians began to voluntarily donate blood to help wounded Canadian troops during World War II. This was the start of blood banking in Canada and the wartime effort showed that Canadians had both the national will and the generosity to sustain a voluntary blood system."The In Honour program is an opportunity for Canadians to show support for the members and veterans of the Canadian Forces who have always been generous donors," said Dr. Sher. "At the same time, this is an opportunity to help ensure that those across Canada battling injury and illness get the blood and blood products they need. One donation can save up to three lives."Corporal Shaun Fevens, a reservist from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, injured in Afghanistan, attended this year's launch said, "You don't realize how important blood donation is until you are the person who needs blood."To make an appointment to donate blood call 1 888 2 DONATE (1 888 236-6283).

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Laura Secord is bringing the flavours of springtime to members of Canadian Forces stationed in Kandahar
2,500 famous Secord Eggs have arrived in Afghanistan in time for Easter

Thousands of men and women of the Canadian Forces serving in Afghanistan have received a special delivery from Laura Secord as the Canadian chocolate maker announced that it has donated 2,500 of its famous Secord Easter Cream Eggs to soldiers stationed in Kandahar.

"Laura Secord is proud of the important contribution and brave efforts being made by members of the Canadian Forces and our hope is to deliver a small but traditional taste of Easter to the Canadian personnel serving in Afghanistan," said company President Jamie Ardrey.

The Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA) welcomed the special delivery by Laura Secord.

“Receiving these Laura Secord Easter treats is great for the morale of our troops,” says Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency Manager, Deployed Operations, Gordon Wells. “A touch of home around the holiday season means a great deal to all deployed Canadian Forces members who are away from their families.”

A celebration of renewal and the promise of spring has been an important part of Laura Secord’s heritage as one of Canada’s premier chocolatiers. For 95 years, Laura Secord has been making memories sweeter, using the finest ingredients for the freshest chocolates. For more than 80 of those years, Laura Secord’s famous Easter cream eggs have become known as true harbingers of spring.

The Secord Easter Cream Egg was introduced in the 1920’s as a sweet treat for Easter, and has since become a Canadian tradition for families. This egg with its fresh, mouthwatering buttercream centre, enrobed in dark chocolate, has become so popular that customers simply refer to it as the Secord Egg. Four sizes are available; a 20g mini Secord Egg to satisfy the impulsive snacker, 100g & 200g eggs for loyal traditionalists, and a 300g egg for the true connoisseur. Prices range from 75 cents to $10.

Originally the cream eggs were produced for the Easter season, but their popularity demanded that the eggs be made available to customers much earlier. Production on Laura Secord Cream Eggs starts as early as January to meet the demand and still provide the Laura Secord tradition of uncompromising high quality and guaranteed freshness.

Canadians take pleasure in how they eat the Secord Egg and sharing the experience with friends and family is the best part. Some chill it or slice it before enjoying. Others scoop out and eat the creamy, yellow centre first, like a soft-boiled egg.

The same famous Secord Egg being sent to troops overseas is now available in Laura Secord retail stores across Canada, along with a wide selection of Easter treats – from solid and hollow chocolate bunnies and lambs to solid foil eggs in caramel, peanut butter and mint flavours.

Also available are Laura Secord’s new Robin’s Egg Caramels for you to plan the ultimate Easter egg hunt. These pastel blue coated eggs with a creamy caramel chocolate centre are just $8 (160g). Or, spoil your friends and family with the new Easter Hostess Box, a unique keepsake box filled with rich truffles, milk chocolate foil eggs and delicious Robin's egg caramels. It’s perfect to enjoy with your guests at Easter brunch ($35.00, available at select Laura Secord stores).

About Laura Secord
Founded in 1913, Laura Secord is Canada’s largest chocolate retailer. With more than 400 products, including premium chocolates, ice cream and candies, Laura Secord still follows the guarded time-honoured recipes and dedication to quality and excellent customer service as when the company first started. Laura Secord has 1,600 employees and operates 142 retail shops, and distributes its products in more than 2,000 third-party retail outlets across Canada. For more information about Laura Secord, visit