Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Pathetic Protest October 28-06

This was brought to my attention today and I thought I'd share it. This gives us insite into the protests from the weekend...

I still say "Support our Troops".. how about you?


A pathetic protest

posted by the National Post
on Tuesday, October 31, 2006
If Canada's pacifists weren't so wrong-headed, we would feel sorry for them.
On Saturday, activists opposed to Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan staged protests in three dozen cities. The results were pathetic. In Edmonton, Calgary and Hamilton, Ont., respectively, 100 people showed up. In Halifax and Toronto, it was 200. Montreal and Ottawa did the best -- with a mere 500 each.
The people of Afghanistan should be quite glad for this meager turnout: Right now, soldiers from Canada and other NATO countries are the only thing standing in the way of a total Taliban takeover of the country.
We find it ironic that Jack Layton, who marched in Toronto, has lent his voice to Canada's pacifists. The NDP postures as a true guardian of women, religious minorities and other disadvantaged groups. Yet the Taliban, whose return to power Mr. Layton seems so eager to facilitate, constituted one of the most misogynistic and backward regimes known to humankind. Slogans against George W. Bush and "neo-imperialism," which have become a cliche of the modern protest movement, cannot paper over Mr. Layton's hypocrisy.
Nor can Canada's pacifists square the circle of a protest movement that claims to support Canadian soldiers, even as it spuriously undermines the cause for which they enthusiastically and justly fight. "Support our troops -- bring them home," as one banner put it, is a contradiction in terms.
Of course, Mr. Layton and the other protesters who marched on Saturday have an answer to all this, one encapsulated by the popular placard "Build homes, not bombs." According to this view, Canada should help the people of Afghanistan not by stabilizing the country and fighting Islamofascist insurgents, but by showering Afghans with foreign aid.
That's a nice thought, but it ignores the fact that aid is meaningless if it isn't delivered in a secure environment. What good does it do to build a school if a bunch of terrorists come and burn it down the next day?
Despite 42 Canadian combat deaths in Afghanistan, most Canadians continue to support the Afghan mission. Far from convincing our government to bring the troops home, Saturday's protesters merely reminded Canadians how unpopular their viewpoint really is.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Looking for Red Friday Supporters

Enjoy the Download "Wearing the Red" by Roger Thornhill http://www.cfra.com/audio/Wearing-the-red.mp3

Does your company or organization support Red Fridays?

Do people wear red in your office, plant, school, etc.
in support of our troops ?

If so, let us know who you are!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let us remember them at Christmas

Let us remember them at Christmas and always - our soldiers.
On SaturdayNovember 18th, 2006,
the Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan
will be participating in Kitchener's Santa Claus Parade.

Christmas time is difficult for both the soldiers and their families as they are divided on different sides of the world. The soldiers continue to rebuild a country for people in a land so far away, working feverishly in the dust, protecting their faces with scarves.
While parents and familes miss them and yearn to hold them. (yet supporting the mission - standing behind the troops - supporting them) Care packages with gifts sent overseas, but not able to see the joy on their faces as they open them.
(I made a promise to my son that we will not have our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners until the day of his return. )

Remember them as we are about to settle into a season of joyous occassion.. turkey, carols, gifts.

It's not much, and I know it's not a Friday, but come on Kitchener Waterloo.. wear red that day and wave your Canadian Flag with pride!

Show them you remember them at Christmas!

The parade will begin at King & Erb Streets in Waterloo & will proceed down King to Cedar Street in Kitchener.

Start Time: 10:00am
Location: Along King Street in Kitchener & Waterloo
Costs: Free event

Canadian Veterans' Memorial

Following the Veterans' Memorial Parade (travelling along Central & King in Waterloo at 12:30 pm to University Avenue's Veterans' Green, on Sunday, November 5th, the Canadian Veterans' Memorial will be unveiled.

Never before has a single work of art been created that memorializes all Canadian Veterans and also encompasses all of Canada’s military history and all those Canadians who served. Using a multitude of figures, TimothySchmalz was able to capture every branch of the Canadian Armed Forces and through the use of historical dress and military gear, he was able to represent every war that Canadians have participated in to date. This monument will serve as a timeless reminder of the valor and bravery of these great Canadian heroes and the sacrifices they made.

Model Size is - 37"H x 45"W x 41" D
Monumental Size is - 150" H x 248" W x 51" D (that's over 20 feet wide!)

This memorial depicts the men and women who were lost in the wars; returning to console and present their surviving brother to future generations. This memorial represents the living and deceased equally. The Veteran in this concept acts as a literal and physical bridge from those who had died in battle; to those who view this work of art. The memorial is a physical, visual reminder of Remembrance Day.

Thank you Timothy Schmalz for creating a beautiful artpiece -assisting us to memorialize and reflect about our soldiers - past, present and future. "~Lest we forget"

Canadian Veterans Memorial Parade and Ceremony

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

In cooperation with the City of Waterloo, hundreds of veterans, regular and reserve force military personnel, cadets, politicians and civilians will gather, as Canada’s first multi-dimensional tribute to veterans is unveiled at Veterans’ Green Park 50 University Ave. W. in Waterloo, Ontario Canadian

12:00 – Parade formation (MacGregor Public - King and Central)
12:15 – Inspection of Quarter Guard by His Honorable Lieutenant Governor, James K. Bartleman
12:30 – Commencement of Parade to Veterans’ Green Park (Central Street to King Street to University Avenue)
12:35 -1:00pm – Flypast of military warplanes
1:00 – Welcome and Introductions, Master of Ceremonies Mike Edwards, President KW Naval Association
Sing – O’Canada
Opening Reflection – Pastor Paul Ellingham
Act of Remembrance – Last PostLament
Moment of Silence
Greetings from Lt. Governor of Ontario – His Honour James K. Bartleman
Welcome and history of project – Kathryn Shawcross-Damman
Greetings from:MP Andrew Telegdi
MPP Elizabeth Witmer
Region of Waterloo Chair, Ken Seiling
Mayor of Waterloo, Herb Epp
Mac Voisin, Honorary Chair, Chairman M&M Meat Shops
Dr. Gary Steinhoff
Mr. Leighton Steinhoff - Veteran
Ms. Renee Murray
Timothy P. Schmalz, Artist
1:40 – Official Unveiling
2:00 – “God Save the Queen”
2:05 – Closing
Reception to follow at the Kitchener Waterloo Naval Association
315 Weber Street North, Waterloo

Parking available at: Waterloo Collegiate Institute, St. Michael’s School (University and Hazel) and Manulife Financial – 380 Weber Street North (shuttle service available)

Artist Timothy Schmalz is seen here with memorial

Support Begins at Home

How do you feel about this story? Let me know.
Post your comments below.

Definition of support:
- to uphold (a person, cause) by aid, countenance, one's vote, etc.; back; second.
- to maintain or advocate (a theory, principle, etc.).

- to promote the interests or cause of
- to uphold or defend as valid or right

As posted by the Herald:

Afghan mission ‘wrong’ Soldier’s mom joins marchers in Halifax; rally held in AntigonishBy

Staging an antiwar demonstration in a military town can be challenging, but hundreds of people in Halifax on Saturday marched for peace in Afghanistan and the end of Canada’s military presence there.
Carrying signs and chanting slogans, marchers of all ages called on the Harper government to bring Canadian troops home from the devastated country.
Protesters were escorted by Halifax Regional Police during their chilly parade through part of downtown. Participants included students, trade unionists, human-rights activists, families and seniors.
The peaceful demonstration was held during a national day of protest. October marks the fifth anniversary of the NATO-led military intervention in Afghanistan.
Marchers in Halifax took their message to popular shopping areas and other high-traffic spots to be as visible as possible. One protest sign said: Troops out of Afghanistan. Another said: Aid Not Combat.
A rally at the Grand Parade before the march drew more than 200 people, including the mother of a young Canadian soldier to be sent to Afghanistan next month. Since 2002, 42 Canadian military personnel have been killed in the conflict. Seven of them were from Nova Scotia.
Military mom Andria Lehr told the crowd that Ottawa’s Afghan mission is "basically wrong, inhumane, unconstructive and unsustainable." She urged other people with loved ones in the Armed Forces to question Canada’s military action in Afghanistan. "Only by asking questions can we actually have a true democracy," Ms. Lehr said.
Salam Nahzat, an expatriate Afghan who moved to Canada in 1996, said the NATO operation has resulted in the deaths of innocent people in his homeland. News agencies last week reported NATO has confirmed that women and children died in air strikes in Afghanistan, although the number of civilians killed is in dispute.
"Our innocent civilians are dying in numbers," Mr. Nahzat told the rally. "How long is it going to go on?"
Alex Colgan, a third-year Saint Mary’s University student, said that if Afghani civilians are getting killed, "that simply drives the insurgency deeper into the population and the population begins to agree with the insurgents, to a certain extent."
He said in an interview that Canada’s "faulty" role in Afghanistan needs to be debated in Parliament. "Pressure needs to be put on the government toward a peaceful solution."
Stuart Neatby of the Halifax Peace Coalition told the Grand Parade crowd that NATO’s mission isn’t improving the lives of people in Afghanistan. It’s a task, he said, that will inevitably result in more deaths of Canadian soldiers.
"We’re here to stand up and make it clear that Canadians are not comfortable with this mission," Mr. Neatby said, adding that Ottawa is following the foreign policy goals of the Bush administration in Washington.
In Antigonish, about 60 people took to the streets, starting with a lunchtime rally outside town hall followed by a march to Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay’s constituency office.
Although they faced a few catcalls from drivers who told them to support the war, they received many more honks of approval.
While much of the antiwar event stressed the desire to bring Canadian troops home, there was also concern expressed about risking this country’s reputation as a peacekeeping nation because of its involvement in the war.

Cambridge Armoury Open House a Success!

October 28, 2006
The Open House held at the Cambridge Armoury was a success, seeing close to 500 people come through the door. History spoke from the walls within the square.

Our group, The Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan, set up a table to promote the Wear Red on Fridays campaign.. but especially to rally support for our troops serving overseas. A 36 foot banner grew full with well wishes, pictures and signatures from many of the visitors. Many red Support our Troops tshirts left the armoury as people purchased and ordered them (after we ran out of stock that day)

My heart was overwhelmed when veterans adorning their many medals of bravery and previous missions stopped by to inscribe their well wishes to the soldiers on their mission.

Jeff Rainey and Cpl Ryan Pagnacco are seen here conveying their wishes to the soldiers and commrades.

Military Moms display the banner that will be sent to our soldiers in Afghanistan.

Thank you to Major Charlie Fitton, Honourary Colonel, Terry Wilder, and Honourary Lt. Colonel, Owen Lackenbauerfor allowing us to maintain our mission of Support.

Thank you Cambridge, Brant County and Waterloo Region for showing your support.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thank You Rockway Staff and Patients!

m&m’s military moms Want to Thank YOU!

On behalf of Military Moms and our sons and daughters serving in Afghanistan, I would like to extend a warm thank you to the staff and patients of Rockway Chiropractic and Rockway Massage for all the donations of M&M’s in support of the troops. It has been so overwhelming! It’s truly heartwarming walking into the clinic and seeing the compilation of M&M’s from people I have never met- you are truly an amazing group of people!

What a Canadian comfort receiving M&M's as well as a true showing that people back here care and have not forgotten.

When your heart listens,

giving to soldiers far away.

Their spirit glistens

because you have lit up their day!

Thank you Rockway for your support and

Sincerely, Military Mom

Rockway Chiropractic and Massage Clinic
589 Charles St E. Kitchener, ON N2G 2R4
(corner of Charles and Ottawa)

" Soldiers in Afghanistan.. here we come!"

Wings of Paradise

I wish to post this in honour of Matt.... "butterflies"!

Bring a friend.. bring your family...

Show Your Support for our Troops

Wear a Red T-shirt and get 50% off admission on

November 11th and 12th

at Wings of Paradise®

2500 Kossuth Rd.Cambridge, ON N3H4R7


CF sanctioned merchandise will be available for purchase.

Cambridge Armoury Open House

The Royal Canadian Highland Fusiliers Regiment

Cambridge Armoury's Open House
21 Mill Street (off Anslie),
Cambridge, Ontario
is on
Saturday, October 28th 2006
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
This is a chance to sign the Support Our Troops banner
(which will be sent to our children in Afghanistan)
Available to purchase will be Official "Support Our Troops" merchandise sanctioned by the CF
Come on out and join us! Everyone is welcome!

Red Friday Rally

I was seeing RED...and this time it was (as Martha Stewart says) “a good thing”. People came from everywhere sporting red t-shirts, red hats, red scarves, red jackets…. It was amazing – seeing the support shown for our troops serving overseas in Afghanistan (our own sons and daughters).

Busy selling red Support Our Troops Shirts :)

The Rally was hosted by 570 Chym’s own Jeff Allan. (thank you!). After the singing of O Canada, Ottawa’s Doug Champagne’s song “We Wear Red” was played. Tears trickled down parents’ cheeks. Please visit www.thelegacy.ca for a free download of “We Wear Read”.

Steven Cage took time out of his busy campaign for Regional Councillor of Kitchener to come out to Support our Troops and families! It was welcoming seeing him. My son had worked as Steven's Official Agent during the federal nomination process.It's a strange feeling not seeing him fly out the door.. heading out canvassing during this election. Steven had arranged my son's "send off" with the company of many dignitaries of the conservative party. Thank you Steven.. and all the best!

Richard Woodfield (uncle of fallen soldier Braun Woodfield) speaks with a mother whose son is currently serving in Afghanistan


A cherished frined of my son's.
John Reimer was out - supporting our troops and families. ---
John Reimer Kitchener's MP 1979-1980 & 1984-1993
Thank you John! It was so nice seeing you!

People came from everywhere sporting red t-shirts, red hats, red scarves, red jackets…. It was amazing – seeing the support shown for our troops serving overseas in Afghanistan (our own sons and daughters). People in attendance included Mayor Herb Epp, Elizabeth Witmer, and Steven Cage, Richard Woodfield (uncle of fallen Pte Braun Scott Woodfield), and Corporal Ryan Pagnacco, who was seriously injured in the US 'friendly fire' incident in Panjwaii on September 4th, reservists and veterans, the Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan, plus countless others from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and from all over south western Ontario.

A Proud Military Dad and Brother

People were given the opportunity to sign a banner in Support of Our Troops, which will be sent to Afghanistan for our children to see.

A Reservist signs the banner as one of our veterans looks on.

It really touched my heart to see and speak with the people that were able to come out. I know it touched the troops’ hearts as well. Let’s keep on our mission as they stay the course on theirs’..

Wear Red on Fridays - Support Our Troops.

Thank you Canada Post!

A HUGE "THANK YOU" goes out to Canada Post as they are offering free parcel service to familes and friends of deployed troops from Oct 26 - Jan 15, 2007 (remember to still label your address as before)
This will make sending our care packages a lot easier! Thank you Canada Post! You have aided in making many soldiers' Christmases a little brighter. Friends and Familes... Let's get sending!

A Copy of the Release from Canada Post as follows:


October 24, 2006
Canada Post offers free parcel service to families of deployed troops
Ottawa - Canada Post today announced it will provide free parcel service for family and friends of deployed Canadian troops for the holiday season. Effective October 26 through January 15, 2007 Canada Post will deliver parcels free of charge to designated Canadian Forces Bases, where they will be forwarded through the Canadian Forces postal system to our troops overseas.
"We are pleased the Department of National Defense accepted our offer to send regular parcels, free of charge, from anywhere in Canada to members of the Canadian Forces deployed overseas during the holiday season", said Moya Greene, president and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post. "It is our way of recognizing and supporting our troops and their families during this special time of year when separation is often most keenly felt."
With capacity limitations on military aircraft carrying supplies to deployed forces, this offer is restricted to family and friends of the servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sinai and Jerusalem. Troops serving on any of the deployed Her Majesty's Canadian Ships are also included in the offer.
"We sincerely appreciate Canada Post's generosity in offering this free parcel service," said the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Rick Hillier. "The importance of helping our troops overseas remain connected with their loved ones in Canada cannot be understated, especially during this time of year."
To ensure the proper customs declaration form and addressing information, the parcels will need to be deposited at a Canada Post or dealer retail outlet (not a street letter box) where they will be forwarded to Canadian Forces Bases in Halifax, NS, Victoria, BC and Belleville, ON. Once delivered to the military bases, the Department of National Defence will take charge of the parcels and ensure their delivery overseas. Parcels must be addressed to a specific soldier, including rank and mission information.

A special note to Dave and his staff at Canada Post Office @ Guardian Drugstore :
You have truly been MY guardians through tour. Thank you for helping me to sort, lift, post, holding the door open and letting me throw one more kiss onto my many parcels to my son. Thank you for your smiles and your compassion. HUA!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Calling All People -Wear your Reds!

Search your closets find something red to wear- a red hat, a tshirt, or a red ribbon - just wear something RED- come out and show your support this Friday (October 20th) 12-1pm at the Waterloo Cenotaph! (On Regina between William and Erb Streets - right by the Waterloo City Hall)
Join us in singing OCanada , listen to the music, support our troops by purchasing some CF merchandise (the money collected goes directly to the troops - no profit is made from sales)
Let our sons and daughters know you care about them and support them while they are working hard in their dangerous missions. See you at the Cenotaph!




Join our Families Of Canadian Soldiers
Friday, October 20th, 2006

12:00 – 1:00pm

At the Waterloo Cenotaph
(On Regina Street between William and Erb)
Available to purchase: Official "Support Our Troops" merchandise sanctioned by the CF

Everyone is welcome!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lights of Hope

Travelling to Ellicottville, NY's fall festival , I came across a booth. Amid the fluttering American Flags and pictures, were 2 women donning red, white and blue. They were "Fellow Military Moms!" Immediately, they started speaking about "the issue is not about believing in the mission, but believing in the soldiers in Afghanistan." I said "Stop! - I believe in and support our soldiers too" I then proceeded to tell that I too am a military mom. They want us to think of all the things that make the holidays special for us. It could be the seasons changing, decorations gettting put up, or merely the people around us getting excited. Now - imagine that it is all gone and it doesn't happen. There is no change of season, everything remains the same and you are far away from your family and friends. The 10th Mountain Division of the US Army based at Fort Drum NY is currently stationed in Afghanistan, a place where the only change of seasons that they see is the temperature droppping from 130 degrees F in the summer to about 85 in the "winter". These women have started a "Lights of Hope" campaign - sending white holiday lights to all Nato soldiers in Afghanistan. The soldiers in turn will have a decorating contest (when at base) to make the holidays more enjoyable while they are so far away from home. I couldn't believe their drive, comradery and enthusiasm. They can be contacted at lights.of.hope@hotmail.com . They are accepting donations till October 25th.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bless Our Soldiers

Today we grieve alongside the families and friends of Sergeant Darcy Scott Tedford and Private Blake Neil Williamson (from Ottawa), both were members of 1 Royal Canadian Regiment, based in Petawawa, Ontario.

----- ---------

Pvt. Blake Williamson ------------Sgt. Darcy Tedford

Working on a road project vital to local development and progress, they died when their unit was ambushed in the Panjwayi area of Afghanistan, west of Kandahar.

No words cannot express the grief their loved ones must be feeling today. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends and comrades of our fallen soldiers - our heros fighting to make the world a better and safer place - as they begin their journey back home.

Their repatriation will be Monday, October 16, at 9 p.m in Trenton.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

2 Nato Soldiers Killed

How can we go on...as families of soldiers, our worry envelopes our lives each day.

This news story just came in.. and we know parents somewhere will be grieving today as we grieve alongside them.

NATO said two of its soldiers were killed in southern Afghanistan on Saturday after militants ambushed the soldiers with rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire. Three soldiers were also wounded in the battle in Kandahar province Saturday afternoon, NATO said in a statement.
The nationalities of the soldiers were not immediately released.
Canada has more than 2,000 troops in the Kandahar area who are working with NATO to fight resurgent Taliban forces.
Taliban militants have been stepping up attacks in the country's south in recent months, particularly in Kandahar and Helmand provinces.

Godspeed to our heroes.. our children.


Our Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan Support Group are looking forward to our First RED FRIDAY RALLY!

Wear Red (t-shirt, jacket, ribbon, ..anything..bring a Canadian flag if you have one!) if you can't find anything.. still come out and join us.- EVERYONE is welcome!

It will be held at:
The Waterloo Cenotaph
(Regina Street - btwn Erb and William)
Friday, October 20, 2006
12:00 - 1:00pm
"Support Our Troops" Merchandise will be available for purchase.
Come on out and show your SUPPORT!
Have a listen to Doug Champagne's song "We Wear Red" that will be played at the Red Friday Rally: http://www.thelegacy.ca/Doug%20Champagne_We_wear_red_HighQ.mp3

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thanksgiving Day October 7, 2006

Our Family of Soldiers In Afghanistan Support Group participated in the Kitchener-Waterloo Thanksgiving/Oktoberfest Parade.

We arrived early on a frosty morning donning our Reds in Support of our Troops (our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends) serving overseas, have arrived from overseas and are awaiting deployment.
Our flags fluttered demonstrating our pride.

Along our 5 km parade route, (from King and Central in Waterloo to King and Eby Sts in Kitchener) the crowds were overwhelming! Tremendous applause, waves, standing ovations were seen and heard along the route, our hearts melted as we walked proudly in support of our new families - our military families. Many a tear was shed both in the crowd and in our group - to which we offered our support through a hug , wiping our tears as we continued - a comradery we have come to know.

Along the parade route, crowds stood in ovation, firefighters stood up on the back of their trucks- acknowledging our presence and in support of our troops.

Touching was seeing our men in blue- the officers of the Waterloo Regional Police Services saluting as we passed.

Support shon as brightly as the sun, warming our hearts, bringing our worlds together as one.

Thank you Kitchener Waterloo and all the visitors - you are an amazing group of citizens.

Let's continue showing our support... wear RED on Fridays.