Monday, October 16, 2006

Lights of Hope

Travelling to Ellicottville, NY's fall festival , I came across a booth. Amid the fluttering American Flags and pictures, were 2 women donning red, white and blue. They were "Fellow Military Moms!" Immediately, they started speaking about "the issue is not about believing in the mission, but believing in the soldiers in Afghanistan." I said "Stop! - I believe in and support our soldiers too" I then proceeded to tell that I too am a military mom. They want us to think of all the things that make the holidays special for us. It could be the seasons changing, decorations gettting put up, or merely the people around us getting excited. Now - imagine that it is all gone and it doesn't happen. There is no change of season, everything remains the same and you are far away from your family and friends. The 10th Mountain Division of the US Army based at Fort Drum NY is currently stationed in Afghanistan, a place where the only change of seasons that they see is the temperature droppping from 130 degrees F in the summer to about 85 in the "winter". These women have started a "Lights of Hope" campaign - sending white holiday lights to all Nato soldiers in Afghanistan. The soldiers in turn will have a decorating contest (when at base) to make the holidays more enjoyable while they are so far away from home. I couldn't believe their drive, comradery and enthusiasm. They can be contacted at . They are accepting donations till October 25th.

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