Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let us remember them at Christmas

Let us remember them at Christmas and always - our soldiers.
On SaturdayNovember 18th, 2006,
the Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan
will be participating in Kitchener's Santa Claus Parade.

Christmas time is difficult for both the soldiers and their families as they are divided on different sides of the world. The soldiers continue to rebuild a country for people in a land so far away, working feverishly in the dust, protecting their faces with scarves.
While parents and familes miss them and yearn to hold them. (yet supporting the mission - standing behind the troops - supporting them) Care packages with gifts sent overseas, but not able to see the joy on their faces as they open them.
(I made a promise to my son that we will not have our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners until the day of his return. )

Remember them as we are about to settle into a season of joyous occassion.. turkey, carols, gifts.

It's not much, and I know it's not a Friday, but come on Kitchener Waterloo.. wear red that day and wave your Canadian Flag with pride!

Show them you remember them at Christmas!

The parade will begin at King & Erb Streets in Waterloo & will proceed down King to Cedar Street in Kitchener.

Start Time: 10:00am
Location: Along King Street in Kitchener & Waterloo
Costs: Free event

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Sean Carter said...

soldiers fight to defend us and make our lives pleasant. i really liked reading your blog. soldiers are the pride of any nation. hope u have a great christmas and so do they. peep into this amazing Christmas Blog for some really unique and interesting gift ideas.