Sunday, October 29, 2006

Canadian Veterans' Memorial

Following the Veterans' Memorial Parade (travelling along Central & King in Waterloo at 12:30 pm to University Avenue's Veterans' Green, on Sunday, November 5th, the Canadian Veterans' Memorial will be unveiled.

Never before has a single work of art been created that memorializes all Canadian Veterans and also encompasses all of Canada’s military history and all those Canadians who served. Using a multitude of figures, TimothySchmalz was able to capture every branch of the Canadian Armed Forces and through the use of historical dress and military gear, he was able to represent every war that Canadians have participated in to date. This monument will serve as a timeless reminder of the valor and bravery of these great Canadian heroes and the sacrifices they made.

Model Size is - 37"H x 45"W x 41" D
Monumental Size is - 150" H x 248" W x 51" D (that's over 20 feet wide!)

This memorial depicts the men and women who were lost in the wars; returning to console and present their surviving brother to future generations. This memorial represents the living and deceased equally. The Veteran in this concept acts as a literal and physical bridge from those who had died in battle; to those who view this work of art. The memorial is a physical, visual reminder of Remembrance Day.

Thank you Timothy Schmalz for creating a beautiful artpiece -assisting us to memorialize and reflect about our soldiers - past, present and future. "~Lest we forget"

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Don said...

Iam proud to view your site. You are an inspiration . I was given a model of the Can. Veterans Mem. and
was trying to find where it was located. Thanks to your site my question is answered Thank you
Don McAdam - President of Branch 341 of the R.C.L.