Wednesday, January 31, 2007

With Open Arms

A note written this morning says it all:

"Only a few more weeks until the tour's over
I'm comin' home, mom!
:) "


Monica said...

I LOVED those notes. I sent 402 letters to my son in Iraq. The one he carries in his wallet? A short one telling about something we would do when he came home. I said "What? Not one of my inspiring ones?" He said, "Mom, you treated me like I was coming home. So I did."
It was all about faith.

And Military Mom? Thank you for your son's service. I'm American but I don't forget our brothers and sisters from other countries.

Dana said...

How exciting for you to finally hear those words! I too am looking forward to my brother's return in just a short while. Thank you for all of your work, prayers and support. It makes more of a difference to our troops than we will ever know!