Thursday, January 25, 2007

Magnet Eating Carwashes

Here's a tip (or reminder for some): Before taking your car through the car wash, remember to remove your Support Our Troops Magnet before entering. Between the pressure from the water and/or the brushes, the magnets will come off. (it makes for a sad day)

If you don't have a magnet yet, and would like to order one .. or a few, here are a few sites and a support group that can help you out:

Contact: Canex , RCR, or Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan


Debris Trail said...

I just had one of my magnetic ribbons devoured by a carwash. It survived since April in at least 10 washes ... but not this time.

We had the other one picked off by someone, ripped up, and tossed onto the hood of the car as well. Now that, was not a pleasant experience.

Military Mom said...

How horrible for someone to do that :( I've heard a couple of stories similar to that..true acts of vandalism. Shame on them!

SUSIEQ said...

I really enjoy reading your website. You have done a great thing with this website.

I check it every day for the time in Afghanistan, and temperature and to see what's new.

My good friend has a son in Afghanistan, and he will be coming home finally, the middle of February.

I can't get that website for Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan. I guess because somehow it is linked to Explorer and my Explorer doesn't work right.
Could you possibly post the website address on your website?

Thanks so much, and thanks for all you do!
Sue G.

Military Mom said...

Sue, the address for Families of Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan is an email address for their support group. You can email them for information, support, or to join the other family members and friends. They meet once a month :) as well as continue projects for troops awareness and support.
It's .

Military Mom said...

Sue.. I forgot.. thanks so much for visiting my site and your kind comments :)