Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Teary Morning

Today in the classroom during O Canada, I had noticed one of my students had stopped singing. He then lowered his head for a couple of moments. Upon lifting his head and he made a sign of the cross using his pointer finger. Looking up, he continued on singing the National Anthem to the end. After the music stopped and the rest of the students sat down, this little boy came to me and said: "I was praying for the soldiers that were killed in the war."


Kathleen said...

Hi Military Mom,

It was nice to find your blog, and I'm glad your some came home safe.

Do you know of any milblogs written by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan (or elsewhere)? I've been searching for them, but haven't had any luck.

Thanks! (And this was a lovely post, by the way.)

Kathleen said...

I'm glad your *son* came home safe.

Florine said...

courage but don't forget army is the friend of the war, if each country doesn't have armies, there will have no wars...

Military Mom said...

Hello Kathleen..Thanks for your kind words.
In regards soldiers' blogs, I have found them more prevalent in other countries. In Canada, I believe they (each entry) must be read and approved by the military before publication.(for the safety of fellow comrades and protection of the mission)
I have come across a couple in the past month, however I can't publish their information.

Anonymous said...

"army is the friend of the war, if each country doesn't have armies, there will have no wars..."
I would like to say a couple of things in response to this.
Firstly, Afghanistan is just now, with the help of NATO, beginning to have an army. Not having an army doid not prevent that country from slipping into chaos and bloodshed.
Secondly, the "army" is made of people...our loved ones...and I take serious offense to someone implying that if it were not for our loved ones who are risking their lives, then everything would be fine and rosy.
*Proud wife of a Canadian soldier

Anonymous said...

Ann.. I agree with you. Florine..If not for our soldiers collaboratively working together - the people of the countries in turmoil would be in an unimaginable state at the hands of the anarchists. Could we sit back and watch? Not I!
Whenever I see a soldier, I thank him/her for the job they have done.