Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What DOES SEARS Kitchener Support?


Well, a week ago I had the opportunity to walk through the Sears Store in Kitchener again to see if anything has changed with the placement of the Support Our Troops merchandise. If you recall, the last time, it was obscured by the placement of a men's underwear display.

Well this time.. giving hope and holding my breath I rounded the familiar corner to the men's wear department.

Well.. the underwear was moved, but now sharing the "pillar space" with t-shirts and hats (embroidered with the yellow ribbon - waiting to be worn in support of our troops working through all elements and dangers overseas) were....... SIMPSONS TSHIRTS! - DUFF BEER T-SHIRTS. Cartoons - a joke!

However, I as a military mom and friend to soldiers and their families - I'm not laughing. I do not believe that the seriousness of the mission and of our soldiers should be taken lightly.

To Sears Kitchener, the Support Our Troops Merchandise is a novelty, a promotional item. However, to Military Families and friends, this is taken seriously, especially in the light of our many wounded and fallen soldiers and many sons, daughters, family members and friends that are serving from that region.

Oh. And the display - it was difficult to get to. Why? It was blocked from the aisle by a table of sweaters. Sears Kitchener, if you're supporting our troops, please show us (military families) by at least showing it through your display. At least dedicate a whole quarter of the pillar to our troops.

My pen is ready for combat.

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