Sunday, February 17, 2008

Children of Fallen Soldiers Receive Scholarships

First Recipients are Honored in an Awards Ceremony at the Royal Canadian Military Institute

Three Canadian students of military parents killed while serving in the Canadian Forces today each received $4,000 in scholarship funding from Canada Company's newly created educational scholarship fund. The first recipients of the scholarships received their awards today at a ceremony held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute inToronto.

Blake Goldring, Chairman of Canada Company and Chairman and CEO, AGF Management Limited presented the scholarship awards explaining that the Canada Company Scholarship Fund (CCSF) was created to supplement the benefits provided to children who have lost a parent killed in active duty by providingfunding to offset tuition fees and other living expenses required to completea post-secondary education.

"The scholarship fund awards reflect Canada Company's commitment to ensuring that our men and women in uniform do not stand alone," said Blake Goldring.

"With this scholarship fund Canada Company is making sure that thosewho serve in the Canadian Forces and Reserves, and their families receive thewidest possible support, recognition and care they deserve."

The Canada Company Scholarship Fund provides $4,000 per year, for up to four years, to support the post-secondary education for children who qualify.Children of Canadian soldiers who have been killed while serving in an active role in a military mission of the Canadian forces or reserves since January 2002 are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The Canada Company Scholarship Fund will provide scholarship grants to children dating back to January 1, 2002. "We are deeply saddened by the more than 71 children who have lost a parent in active duty since January 2002," said Major-General Guy R. Thibault,CD, Assistant Chief of the Land Staff. "In this tragedy there can be hope.Today's scholarship recipients and all children who have lost a parent should know that they are part of a bigger family of caring Canadian individuals and corporations that are looking out for our incredible sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen. I thank Canada Company and all who have helped to launch thismeaningful scholarship fund."

Adam Naismith wants to fly high, just like his dad did.
The 17-year-old was yesterday one of the first three recipients of a new scholarship fund created by the country's business elite to help assist the kids of Canadian soldiers killed on duty.
Naismith's dad, Capt. Kevin Naismith, died in May 2003 when his CF-18 fighter jet crashed in northern Alberta.
Despite the tragedy that befell his father, the younger Naismith said he wants to follow in his father's footsteps by enlisting in the Air Force after he completes his physics undergrad program at the University of Saskatchewan.
"I love flying," said Naismith, who lives with his mom Belinda in Moose Jaw. "I was in Air Cadets when I was in my young teens. I flew with my dad in the Twin Otter. I got hooked and I just love flying. I can't live without doing anything else, really."
Called the Canada Company Scholarship Fund, the fund was spearheaded by AGF Management CEO Blake Goldring, an army colonel in the reserves. Since its launch in October the fund has amassed $1.8 million in donations.
Yesterday's ceremony was held at the Royal Military Institute on University Ave., with each of the three students receiving a cheque for $4,000. The students will continue to receive $4,000 a year for the duration of their post-secondary education.
Myriam Mercier, 17, of Quebec City, was also on hand to receive her scholarship yesterday. Mercier's father, Master Warrant Officer Mario Mercier, was killed this past Aug. 22 in Afghanistan when a roadside bomb exploded near the light-armoured vehicle he was travelling in.
A third teen, Michel Girouard, 17, currently a student at the Royal Military College in Kingston, couldn't attend the ceremony yesterday, so his mom Jacqueline accepted the scholarship on his behalf. Chief Warrant Officer Robert Girouard was killed by a suicide bomber who drove his car into a military convoy outside of Kandahar in November 2006.

A BIG HUA to Canada Company!!
About Canada Company:
Canada Company, created in 2006, brings community leaders from across Canada together to support Canadian soldiers in the work that they do at homeand abroad. The organization is apolitical and is an advocate for those Canadians who serve, or wish to serve, in the Canadian Forces - regular and reserve - and their families, ensuring that they receive the widest possiblesupport, recognition and care possible. Canada Company's motto is Many Ways To Serve.

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