Sunday, March 02, 2008

To My Son

An email appeared in my mailbox the other day. This email came from a mother whose son has just recently left for his mission in Afghanistan. In the email was a poem that I'd like to share with you. Thank you J. God bless you and your son.

To My Son

When you were just a newborn babe
and cuddled on my shoulder,
I vowed to keep those moments in my heart
to recall, as you grew older.

At play, at school, in family life,
those years they surely flew.
I could not see what future Destiny
would have in store for you

You’ve worked, and studied, and worked some more
and now you are a man.
What Fate decrees we must abide.
We just do not know the plan.

You met each challenge as it came,
and built a life around it.
Your home, your work, and friends
have a place where each will fit.

That little boy you used to be,
now your praise is what is fitting.
You took up the call to do your part
and do your country’s biding

Your uniform, your gun,
and Maple Leaf are worn with pride,
They’ve taken you to a distant place
where menace and anger reside.

Here at home in comfort and peace
I can’t imagine the contrast,
The way you live, the things you do,
the days go by so fast.

I watch the news and read the papers
to catch a glimpse of you.
I can’t touch your hand or have you near
until this Tour is through.

Each moment of the day is filled
with thoughts of then and now.
I want to do so much for you
but am not sure just how.

I tell your tale to everyone
and they all say to me,
“We’ll pray for him, your son,
and he’ll be fine, you’ll see.”

From a Mom with love.

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