Sunday, June 15, 2008

Golfing With the Troops at CFB Petawawa


The New Twin Rivers Golf Club donated a day's pay and time and local business people took to the golf course Friday, as they teed up for a SOLDIERS' APPRECIATION GOLF TOURNAMENT on Friday, June 13th. All profits generated from this tournament was donated to the Canadian Forces "Military Families Fund".
The New Twin Rivers Golf Club created a day that not only supports the families of our deploying members but the soldiers as well.
The cost for individual sponsors was $150. This price provided for two green fees, lunch, supper, free refreshments, and the opportunity to spend the day with a solider in a friendly environment while playing golf as yhey showed their appreciation for soldiers at CFB Petawawa.
More than 122 people spent the day at Twin Rivers Golf Club on CFB Petawawa for the first annual tournament.
Major Martin Lipcsey, base committee golf president, said the intent of the event was to invite the community of Petawawa to personally say "thanks" to soldiers for their efforts in Afghanistan by treating them to a fun-filled day of golf.
"We thought 'Let's bring all the (sponsors) here who support us so they can get to know the soldiers,'" he said.
"The whole community supports the troops, this was an opportunity to show it."
Approximately 50 area business people sponsored the event which provided rounds of golf for the soldiers, as well as food and beverages.
"We had a lot of great sponsors," said Major Lipcsey. "They really made the event."
The tournament was a four-person scramble, with teams of two soldiers and two sponsors playing each hole. The tournament started at 10 a. m. Participants ate lunch together and had a roast beef dinner and awards ceremony at the end of afternoon.
"It's so nice to see the community get together and all the local business men who came in here to support this," said Ken Miles, who has been in the military for 30 years. "This is our way of building bonds and making friends. We couldn't have had a better day."
Manager of Eastway Collision in Pembroke, Carlo Pleau, said he appreciated the opportunity to get to golf with the soldiers.
"We had a good group of guys," he said. "The guys in the service are second to none. It was nice to get to know them.

"When our families call out for help, we must be able to answer that call immediately and substantially. Our families have been here for us through our enrolment, our training, our deployments, and our homecomings. The military life places significant demands on our loved ones. They did not volunteer for service – but serve they do, and with great distinction. It is our turn to be there for our families.”
General Rick Hillier
Former Chief of the Defence Staff

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