Sunday, October 19, 2008

The other day, I went to my neighbourhood Canada Post Outlet to send a care package off to my son (and his section) With effort, I got the 1st parcel onto the counter and advised them I had one more in the car. When I returned with the second one, my fav. Canada Post manager awaited my return with a big smile. He said to me... "it's starting again soon! Canada Post will be offering free postage to families of soldiers in a few days... Can it wait?"
I looked at him. I looked at the parcels adorned with pumpkin stickers and black cats and said, "No D., these ones have to go now... but you know me.. I'll be back." He said, "And I know it."
I paid for my parcels, patted each with a kiss.. then I turned to go shopping.

Effective October 20th, 2008, Canada Post will start providing free delivery of letters and parcels from family and friends to Canadian troops deployed overseas until the start of 2009.This free delivery offer extends to family and friends of the deployed troops serving overseas. They have to be posted to certain addresses only. (check with your local post office for qualification)

We strongly support our women and men in uniform, and we welcome this very positive initiative to help our troops overseas remain connected with their loved ones in Canada. I am thrilled that the Canada Post has decided to undertake this initiative, and I hope that many Canadian families will take advantage of this opportunity.

To ensure the proper postage, customs declaration and addressing information are used, the letters and parcels need to be sent from one of Canada Post's more than 6,600 full service retail outlets across the country - letters dropped in regular street letter boxes will not qualify for free delivery. They will then be forwarded to Canadian Forces Bases. Once delivered to the military bases, the Department of National Defense will take charge of the parcels and letters and ensure their delivery overseas. All mail must be addressed to a specific soldier, including rank and mission information.
A BIG HUA for Canada Post!!

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Sharon Newman said...

I am so pleased that Canada Post will be allowing free postage for parcels sent to armed forces personnel serving overseas! For a year and a half I was able to send about 15 boxes to Iraq to a cousin's son from the U.S. Post Office. It wasn't free but I was able to used the expedited service and parcels could be stuffed for one price (depending on the size of the special carton). Well done post office!