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God Bless Cpl. Martin Dube - Sunday, June 14th 2009

Our hearts are heavy as we learn the news of a fallen Canadian Soldier. 35 year old Cpl Martin Dube was killed Sunday afternoon in southern Afghanistan, when the roadside bomb he was trying to defuse exploded 20 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City. Cpl Dube served with the 5e Regiment du Genie de Combat, the combat engineer regiment based in Valcartier, near Quebec City.

Corporal Martin Dubé

Corporal Dubé was responding to a call to neutralize two IEDs when one of them exploded.Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of our fallen comrade during this very difficult time.
Un soldat des forces canadiennes a été tué suite à l’explosion d’un engin explosive improvise (EEI). L’incident s’est produit dans les environs du district de Panjwayi, à environ 20 km au sud-ouest de Kandahar City, vers 12 h 30, heure de Kandahar, le 14 juin 2009.A été tué au combat le caporal Martin Dubé du 5e Régiment de génie de combat basé à la Base des Forces canadiennes Valcartier près de Québec. Il servait à titre de membre du Quartier-général de la Force opérationnelle Interarmées Afghanistan. Le caporal Dubé répondait à un appel pour neutraliser deux EEI lorsqu’un d'eux a explosé.

Comrades Say Goodbye
More than 2000 soldiers and civilians alike gathered at Kandahar Airfield on Monday night to pay their respects to Cpl. Martin Dubé as his body began its final journey home.

His casket was loaded onto a transport plane in an evening ramp ceremony.
"In his desire to make a difference, he gave his life suddenly, without warning," Padre Bastien Leclerc told the crowd assembled on the tarmac.
"We will all miss his infectious smile, his determination, and his will to make this part of the world a better place to live."
The 35-year-old soldier was remembered during the sombre nighttime ceremony as a likable soldier with a special ability to lift the spirits of those around him.
"Cpl. Dube had a personal mission: live life to the fullest and make everyone he met laugh," Padre Bastien Leclerc, Task Force Kandahar's senior chaplain, told attendees who stood at attention as Dube's casket was loaded onto a Hercules transport plane. "He lifted the morale of everyone around him, including his superiors. His enthusiasm and energy was contagious."
Maj. Leclerc praised Dube as a talented combat engineer proud of his profession and whose work saved many lives.
"God of all life, you see tonight, all gathered to say farewell to our fallen comrade Martin Dube," Leclerc said. "In his desire to make a difference, he gave his life suddenly, without warning. We will all miss his infectious smile, his determination and his will to make this part of the world a better place to live. Now we have to let him go. He is going back home with his loved ones. But in our faith, we are confident that you have welcomed him in your presence."
Lt.-Col. Mike Gilmore, chief engineer for Task Force Kandahar, said before the ceremony that Dube came to Afghanistan with a sincere desire to help others.
"He will be remembered as an energetic soldier with an infectious smile," Gilmore said. "He was a pleasure to work with."
In a statement released Monday, Dube's family praised his commitment to the Afghan mission.
"He always strived to help others and that can explain why he firmly believed he was making a difference with the Afghan people alongside his fellow soldiers," the statement read. "We can't help but support and admire such altruism."
Dube was raised in the Quebec City area and he leaves behind his parents, brother and girlfriend.
"There is no greater sadness for parents than to lose a child. Martin was an upright, curious and intelligent person who liked to get to the bottom of things," the family said, noting he was very close to his younger brother.
"Your departure leaves a great void. Go, son, you can rest in peace now," the statement said.

Dubé is survived by his parents Marie-Paule and Roger, brother Vincent and girlfriend Julie.

REPATRIATION (He's coming home)
The tentative date and time of repatriation at CFB Trenton is 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 17. After the ramp ceremony at the armed forces base, the procession will move out to travel the Highway of Heroes to Toronto. Please join others in standing on the overpasses and honour our fallen soldier for his brave committment and let's show the Dube family we support them and stand with them. Wear red and wave your flag proudly in his honour. Chimo Cpl Dube.

WORDS OF CONDOLENCE: If you wish to leave words of condolence for Cpl Dube, please post them in the comment section and I will transfer below:

It is with profound sorrow that I learned of the death of Corporal Martin Dubé, today in Afghanistan. Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones as they deal with this tragic loss. I also want to offer my sympathies to the friends and family of the Afghan police officer who was killed and a quick recovery to the Afghan interpreter injured in this incident.Our UN-sanctioned, NATO-led mission in Afghanistan remains a challenging one. The mission poses many risks to the members of the Canadian Forces, but the Government of Canada and its international allies are committed to helping the people of Afghanistan rebuild their country. Canadians know their brave men and women in uniform are resilient and continue to make a difference in a very challenging environment.All Canadians will remain eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by Cpl. Dubé. He will not be forgotten."
Peter MacKay,
Minister of National Defence

My husband, Jean-Daniel Lafond, and I were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Corporal Martin Dube, who died as a result of the detonation of an improvised explosive device, 20 km of Kandahar City. Corporal Dube was a member of 5e Regiment de genie de combat, based at Canadian Forces Base ValcartierWith a deep sense of duty and unfailing commitment, he risked his/her life to defend the values we hold dear. With determination and selflessness, he spared no effort to ensure the safety of the Afghan population who, legitimately and more than anything else, aspires to security, justice and equality. His daily dedication in this dangerous assignment deserves our unconditional admiration.We join all Canadians in offering our sincerest condolences to his grieving family, fellow members of the Canadian Forces, and all those who loved him. It is our hope that your memories of him and the time you spent together comfort you in your grief. May the memory of his inner strength help you rely on your own.
Michaelle Jean

Five generations of my family have served in the military. We have all lost friends in the service of our country. On behalf of my family, please accept our condolences for your loss and our thanks and respect for your sacrifice. ~ Annonymous


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Five generations of my family have served in the military. We have all lost friends in the service of our country. On behalf of my family, please accept our condolences for your loss and our thanks and respect for your sacrifice.

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Thank you Annonymous for your words of condolence. I have transfered them to the Condolence section. It's so much appreciated.
Vanessa, thank you so much for your comments. Some of the families and friends who have seen the blog, have sent touching emails. It takes time.. time to heal. My thoughts are with them and all families. ~m.m.