Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soldiers' Yellow Ribbons Ripped off Bridge

I have posted a story that appeared in CNEWS today. I had tied up many yellow ribbons in honour of a local soldier deploying. I had decided to tie a big beautiful yellow bow prominently on the flagpole holding the Canadian flag. It was gone the next day. I then found that 90 % of the ribbons missing went by the end of the week. I had caught someone pulling one off one evening. Questioning her, I asked her if she knew what the yellow ribbons were for. I asked her to help me put it back up. She then told me she had been taking it off because her Dad wanted one. I told her to tell her Dad if he would like one, to talk to me the next day and that I would make one for him. I never heard from either person. (and I replaced the ribbons)
~ SOT (Support Our Troops)

Read the story below, and let me know what your thoughts are:
Soldiers' Yellow Ribbons Ripped off Bridge
PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — The organizer of the local Yellow Ribbon Campaign says she was disgusted to discover more than 100 yellow ribbons, each representing a different Canadian fallen soldier, has been ripped off the Buckhorn Bridge this week.

“That’s like knocking over a tombstone,” Darlene Loucks said. She had driven to the bridge Tuesday and found about 17 tattered yellow ribbons on the ground.

Loucks, who brought the remaining ribbons to Wednesday night’s Military Family Support Network meeting, questioned the compassion of anyone who would do such a thing.

“It’s not nice. Pathetic. No conscience,” she said.

The yellow ribbons were tied to Buckhorn Bridge June 25, meant as a silent tribute to the 150 Canadian soldiers who have lost their lives while serving in Afghanistan.

Each ribbon had the name of a fallen soldier written in black.

Kathy Bulger, the mother of Cpl. Nicholas Bulger who was killed in Afghanistan on July 3, 2009, said seeing the remaining ribbons made her sad and angry.

“It’s possible they didn’t know what the yellow ribbons meant, but I doubt it,” she said. “It’s just terrible.”


Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that someone would not know what the yellow ribbons mean. Each time I see one, I'm reminded of the sacrifices families all across Canada as they support their soldiers who serve with dignity and courage.

Anonymous said...

I have a yellow ribbon sticker on my car. It's cut in half and says "Troops Out Now!"

This invasion of a foreign country is Un-canadian, Un-christian, Un-justified, Un-necessary.... just like the un-necessary deaths of those soldiers.

I am ashamed of Canada kissing American ass.

Starlite said...

I am a military veteran (USN) and wife of a sailor serving currently and I am proud to say that we have both served alongside Canadas finest. Thank you for all you do and the sacrifice of so many families.

Military Mom said...

Dear Starlite, thank you so much for your comment. It's an honour seeing your comment on here.
Many thanks to you and your wife for all you do. Godspeed. ~m.m.