Wednesday, December 13, 2006

For anyone is interested, as part of its "Road Stories: The Home Front" special, the National will be featuring hour long stories from:
CFB Edmonton on Monday, December 11,
CFB Trenton on Tuesday December 12,
CFB Petawawa on Wednesday,December 13th.

It examines soldiers preparing for duty in Afghanistan, as well as their families preparing for their absence. Travelling the Canadian Bases to show you the home front of the Afghanistan Mission.

CBC "The National" (Waterloo Region - 10:00pm Channel 5 or 9:00pm ch 26)
I caught Tuesday's - from CFB Trenton. It was interesting seeing the care packages at Trenton.
(I think I saw some of mine- the ones with loads of twisted tape on them - as I'm still struggling with the tape gun) They also reported on pre-deployment struggles, repatriation, and training.
I'll check with CBC to see if a video is available for purchase if anyone is interested.


Ann said...

It was actually good, which is surprising to me, coming from the CBC. I called my husband, he was hiding in his room! LOL

Military Mom said...

Ann.. too funny :)
CFB Petawawa is an amazing place,(It's its own city bustling with activity.) from the steam powered generator to the drill yard to the Normandy, Tim Hortons and Canex.....and of course Homefires Park (a quiet place for reflection) More of the base could have been shown perhaps?

the bear said...

That would've been nice. We've never been to Petawawa. The step son's been based there since joining the military.