Sunday, December 03, 2006

Soldiers Send Holiday Greetings

anadian "Soldiers Send Holiday Greetings" From Afghanistan
(I'll post as they become available)

To our soldiers...

"Merry Christmas!

We're thinking about you

and support you in all you do!"

Video 1:

Video 1 (v=Koi-BrZ JM4)
PRT Kandahar Afghanistan
November 2006

Video 2:

Video 2 (FRFK6W5YGN)

FOB Ma’SumGhar FOB Zedelmyer and Area – Kandahar 2006


Video 3:

Video 3 (3UmoT2R-gX4)

FOB Ma’SumGhar FOB Zedelmyer and Area – Kandahar 2006


Video 4:

Video 4 (mowfPKimDcA)

Kandahar Airfield November 2006


Video 5 (v=eSVcSai2BhQ)

FOB Ma'SumGhar FOB Zedelmyer & Area 2006
Video 5 (v=eSVcSai2BhQ)

FOB Ma’SumGhar FOB Zedelmyer & Area 2006


Video 6 :
Video 6 (v=s61IxkZugV4)
FOB Ma’SumGhar FOB Zedelmyer & Area 2006

Video 7:
Video 7 (v+dmwLT3F_ZLs)
FOB Ma’SumGhar FOB Zedelmyer & Area 2006


Video 8 :

Video 8 (v=KXLuSCU9c)

FOB Ma’SumGhar FOB Zedelmyer & Area 2006

Video 9:

Video 9 (4FXYD8J2flA)
Kandahar Airfield Base 2006
Video 10

The Engineer Prayer was created for 2 Field Engineer Regiment by Major Hugh Macdonald, the unit's Padre. It goes as follows:
Almighty God, we pray thee to bless the Canadian Military Engineers. May our bridges always stand, and our charges never fail, our members be ever loyal, and our officers worthy of their loyalty. May we work diligently in all our purposes and be skilled in our trades; steadfast for Queen and Country everywhere. Amen.
We pray for you everyday here in Canada.


Ann said...

This is great!
I got a laugh from hearing the soldier who ended his comments with "over.."

I'm so fortunate that my husband is not going over until after Christmas (Feb.)!

Military Mom said...

Thanks Ann :) I smiled when I heard that too.
You know.. I'll be here (Here with a big heart and open arms.) for you when your husband goes over.

Military Mom said...

Ann.. send me an email

Ann said...

To Military Mom


Dana said...

Thank you so much for posting these clips! My little brother Mike is over there (3rd video - last soldier). This means so much to my parents and extended family...definitely brought tears and laughter - we are so grateful. Have a safe and wonderful Christmas... we will all continue to pray for the safe return of all our soldiers!
Dana Gobbato

Mrs Elbee said...

Thank you so much for posting the vdeos. My husband is currently serving with 1 RCR Charles company and even tho he isn't on any of the videos, its nice to see so many of our friends. Thanks again, can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! I am only on Video 4 so far, and I've seen a few of the people I know. It's so great to see them!

Thank you so much!

Military Mom said...

Dana - You must be so proud of your brother! I'm here if you ever need to talk.

Mrs. Elbee - you are truly welcome. I will keep my out for more of the greetings and will post asap! :) My best to your husband! How are you doing?

Anonymous - You are so very welcome! I'm so pleased that DND is doing this for families and soldiers. I'm honoured that you stopped by. Thank you for all you are doing! YOU are fantastic. Canada is proud of our heros! How are you doing? Temps are dropping :)

the bear said...

Thanks for the links! I've been watching for the step son, but nothing so far. He tends to be camera shy so I'm not holding a lot of hope.

Mrs.Elbee said...

I'm doing good, 3 months to go and he will finally be home for good. Time is slowly dragging on but thanks to support from friends and family and the other wives from 1 RCR I'm getting by. I'm so proud of all our men in uniform. I even gave our CDS Rick Hillier a kiss on the cheek tonight cuz he said he would pass it along to my husband when he sees them this month hehe. Wait til the hubby finds out =) CBC The National was great tonight, great stories of the wives and our support group. Thanks for the videos, they are great to see!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for this. Seeing my husband (2nd man on the 5th video) was the best Christmas present that I could have gotten. I watch it almost every day and it makes me smile!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Military Mom said...

You are sooo very welcome! :) I'm honoured to be able to help you.. It means so much when you can see them- what they look like so far away. I'm so happy I could help!
Keep strong - I'm here for you.

Military Mom said...

Hey.."Bear" .. always keep hope. I keep watching for videos and will post as soon as I see something - :)
Take care.

Military Mom said...

Mrs. Elbee.. I'd love to be there when CDS Rick Hillier sees your husband :) It sounds like you have a great support group of friends and family. Perhaps I'll see you in 3 months time. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
it's very nice to see video of soldiers sending their greetings and love to families and friends.
I was wondering, though, if you could tell me whether or not there were any Lord Strathcona's Horse Regiment (CFB Edmonton) on those videos? My email is Thanks so much!

Mrs.Elbee said...

Dear M.M.
Well my husband called Christmas Day, Hillier was with Charles Company out at their base and he actually gave him the kiss! I'm still surprised and my husband was really red. Can't wait for that photo!. Thanks for your site tho, I check up on it every few days to see what's new. If you're up for when the guys return, lemme know!
Have a great New Years!