Friday, May 16, 2008

Canadian Soldiers Wounded by Child Afghan Suicide Bomber

Unidentified Canadian soldier on patrol.

The suicide bomber who killed an Afghan soldier and wounded two Canadian soldiers Friday was a young boy. A second Afghan soldier was also injured in the attack.
The incident occurred while the soldiers were conducting a foot patrol in a village in Zhari district, just west of Kandahar City, around 10 a.m. local time.
Military sources said the boy was around 10 years old.
The sources said the bomb was possibly detonated from a distance by remote control.
The soldiers saw the child approaching. There was some suggestion that he had his arms in the air giving reason for them suspecting that it may have been detonated by someone else.
All proper procedures were followed by the soldiers.
The injured soldiers were all brought back to Kandahar Airfield for treatment.
Capt. Amber Bineau, a spokeswoman for the Canadian army battle group in Kandahar, said the two Canadians were able to "walk into the medical facility on their own."
The military does not usually release the names of injured Canadians.
Foot patrols
Canadians seem to be going back to foot patrols, demonstrating they are on the ground and in the community. But they are typically acting in a support role to the Afghan National Army soldiers, who are taking more of a leadership role in southern Afghanistan.

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