Friday, August 22, 2008

As the Deployment Nears.. So Does Sadness Today

Each posting becomes increasingly difficult as my son's date of deployment approaches quickly.
I have remained committed in support of our troops and families throughout and always. When not travelling either to the highway as a soldier returns or to a parade or CF tribute, I keep busy reading my emails. Yes, I receive many Spam emails with offers of thousands of dollars, (heck I could have more money than Trump if these emails were true), there are promises of medical enhancements (if you know what I mean), plus many many more.
After weeding through those I come to the ones I cherish, the emails from families, wives, sisters, brothers, friends of soldiers. They bring tears to my eyes everytime. There are words of support and those in need of support. I may not be as strong right now, but I'm always here to help.
Yesterday, I went for a drive with my dad. Travelling along the 401 W towards London, we came under the shadows of the large Canadian flag waving so proudly at the Huskey Service station. It takes the wind's every bit of energy to unhurl the sides of the flag. The flag moves as it's weight slows it down. I look at it with great pride. Later that evening, I received a phone call advising me of the 3 Canadian soldiers. "NO!" I cried. "NO!" As the details were revealed, I thought of our soldiers and their families brave, yet going though a tragic time right now ... and yet so selfishly, so much wanting to hold onto my son.

It was a quiet drive home, driving in disbelief. My confirmation came as I approached the familiar flag at the Huskey station as it was flying so sadly at half mast.... and I wept.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with our brave members of Canada's Armed Forces and their families.

Dana said...

My brother is also leaving again shortly. I will pray for your son whenever I think of my brother. Thank you for all your oontinued support! You are not alone!

Military Mom said...

Dana.. your brother was on the same rotation as my son the last time. I pray for all the soldiers here and overseas to keep them safe.
With sincerest thanks to all.
~ m.m.