Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crossroads Pentecostal Assembly Supports Our Troops - Thank You!

On Sunday, July 6th, Crossroads Pentecostal Church of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan held a Canada Day Celebration in support of our Troops, and to launch project P.T.L. Project P.T.L. stands for Praise The Lord, and Plug The Leaks. Their church building is nearly 30 years old, and they are needing to replace the roof, due to some major leaking that is occurring. This will cost them $100,000.


Not only did they want to launch this special project, they also wanted to honor our Troops that are serving overseas. They held a special celebration service and decided to give 10% of their offerings in Tim Hortons gift certificates for our Canadian Troops.

In attendance for this event were Mr. Randy Hoback – candidate for Federal MP in the Prince Albert District, the parents of soldiers who have, and are, serving, along with two RCMP Officers and their wives. There was a letter read from Prince Albert Mayor, Mr. Jim Scarrow, along with a letter from Mr. Darryl Hickie, Provincial MP.


Also for this event, their local Sears store donated red shirts for our ushers and greeters to wear that had "Support Our Troops" embroidered on them. Their local Tim Hortons supplied free coffee served after the service. (A special THANK YOU to owner Mr Ed Zaparaniuk for his generous donation!) Along with coffee, the parents of the Soldiers served cake. A true honour for the rest of the congregation and participants.

There were 138 in attendance for this event. There was a slide show presentation of pictures of Canadian Soldiers. Special thanks to Mrs. Brenda Sebo for sharing photos of her sons taken by them while serving overseas.

They are now in the process of purchasing $3,200.00 worth of Tim Hortons gift certificates to be sent overseas for our Canadian Troops to enjoy something from their favorite coffee shop!! A "taste of home".

Thank you as well Paula Pederson, the Crossroads Pentecostal Assembly, Ed Zaparaniuk of Tim Hortons, Sears and of course.. the parents of our Soldiers!

A great big HUA! The soldiers will truly appreciate all your efforts! I know we do!


P.J. said...

Thank you SO MUCH M.M.!!! It truly is an honor to help bless our troops.

Anonymous said...


We have completed a special song project to show our support for our Canadian troops and fund raise for the Military Families Fund. Please take a moment to listen to "To Our Canadian Troops", a free song on

Dennis Leclair
Kelowna BC