Thursday, September 04, 2008


As each day becomes personally increasingly difficult, today, as I was about to start my day, I picked up the newspaper and on the front page was a photo that grabbed and twisted at my heart. Oh.. did it hurt. It was so sad. I thought I'd share the photo with you below. I cannot imagine the pain Krista Sierens is going through now. Thank you Cpl Grenon for your dedication, bravery and sacrifice .. and to Krista: may you gain strength and know that we support you through your difficult journey ahead. Keep him strong in your memories and in your heart.

This photo was taken at Cpl Grenon's departure March 7, 2008.
"Tears streak down the face of Krista Sierens as she kisses Cpl. Andrew Grenon
in their final moment together before Grenon’s departure from CFB Shilo on
March 7 to Afghanistan. Grenon was killed in an insurgent attack yesterday."
Photo Credit: CP

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Anonymous said...

Thank you "military mom"
He IS a hero.. and will forever be remembered as such.

Krista S.