Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm Here

As the long tails of the yellow ribbon unfurls in the wind, my thoughts always turn to my son. My husband places a sweater on my shoulders. The phone is not far from my hand. We wait.

With everything that has been happening in my personal life, I feel as though time has stopped and I'm having a difficult time getting my mind around some things. In many ways, this tour is different.

I try to help others as I always do, but I notice that it may be my turn to lean on someone. (Thank you C.)

A few weeks later and I have now decided that I'm not going to let things get me down. Having sent care packages (oh I need to tell you about them - perhaps at a later entry), I have now decided to keep my mind busy by starting work on a scrapbook of my son's deployment. (a surprise for him..shhh .. don't tell him) I had taken approximately 200 photos (give or take a hundred.. and if you know me.. it's probably give a hundred) This project could be bigger than I expected. I then asked a family whose son deployed on the same day if they could share their photos with me that they had taken. What an amazing family. I owe you debt of gratitude M. family! Thank you .. thank you! A BIG hug!

Tonight I arranged to have them developed and cried when I saw the picture they had taken of the plane on ascent and the arms of the families waving in the foreground. It quickly brought me back to that day months ago (feeling like years). So now I have a project to work on. Keep my mind busy.

There are MANY upcoming events that I will try to post tonight. Lots of news happening overseas I need to bring you up on. And good news on the homefront in Petawawa.

As well, I'd like to thank everyone for your emails, for your thoughts of inspiration, support and dedication and gratitude to our soldiers.

So hang onto your hats.. I'm back.

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