Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Tuesday!

It's another Tuesday and it has now become a tradition.. a ritual if you may. Every Tuesday, for the past few weeks, I have meet with my Dad.
First, we get together, rubbing our hands together trying to figure out what we should make for dinner. Sometimes we experiment with new creations (sometimes we end up eating "flops" ) We'll sit together over dinner and discuss everything from Mom to politics to inventions to our week's events. But everytime, we elude to the topic of my son - his "Grandchild" - of which he is so proud of. He worries about him constantly and I try to dash his worries away, although deep inside me the worries never go away.
After our dinner, he'll settle down and watch the hockey game while I try to complete paperwork or sew or bake ahead for the week for him. The excitement increases as 10 pm approaches. Combat School is on! We watch at the edge of our seats.. looking for a glimpse... a glimpse of our son- our grandson or of familiar faces. On commercials we discuss what we've watched. It brings us closer not only to each other, but to our soldiers as well.
Combat School
Discovery Channel
10:00 pm EST (1 hour)


The Stampin' Soldier said...

Thanks for sharing your blog.

Anonymous said...

We've been watching too...looking for familiar faces. We know one of the featured soldiers. You've been on our minds...I'm sure the countdown is on for M's return. Here's wishing all our sons & daughters a safe journey back home and a heartfelt hug to all those waiting for their return.