Sunday, April 08, 2007

Homecoming "News"

As you know, I have been away on an ongoing family emergency. Exhausted (mentally and physically) I returned home to hear that a reporter had called my home and left a message for me. (I'm not devulging names nor name of the paper or station this person had called from) What was the message you ask? "We wondered if you son was still in Afghanistan. The reason we called was that there were 6 soldiers killed and we wondered if you son was alright ?" I was and still am floored! (this call came before it was broadcast on the news stations) This is the third time this happened. The first time was after the friendly fire in September.. and then the second was during Operation Medusa. .. and now today.

Some media personnel (and I'm not saying all.. many are highly professional) have got to exercise sensitivity when speaking to our military families.Sometimes we don't know.. and what a terrible way to find out! I can only imagine the mother's (father's, sister's, family member's) reaction whose son is currently serving overseas and gets a phone call like this.. this family is still waiting to hear from their son or daughter or has just received or is waiting to receive confirmation. I want to reach out and give a big hug to military families of soldiers currently deployed overseas.
My heart goes out to all those families... but today, especially to the families of our fallen and injured soldiers - my heart goes out to you in thought and prayer as I stand by you through this tragic time.
Military Mom


ann said...

Wow. I'd heard of this happening before. That should never be allowed.

ann said...

Military Mom---Just wondering if you knew about this:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the verbal hug. I am a military Mom who's son is on his first deployment to Afghanistan. He has been in Kandahar just over a month and it has been quite an emotional rollercoaster ride especially since the recent tragedy. My heart aches for the families of the fallen and injured soldiers and it makes it all the more worrisome that my son is there. We don't live in a base town so there are not many families in my area to talk to about what we are going through. My husband found your blog and it was great to read your updates and comments. Very informative and supportive. Thanks

...a little of this and that....... said...

That is completely appalling! If a reporter had called me while my brother had been over there, I would have been at my whit's end. At times, I just don't understand the media. Bless his frigging heart.