Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Here... Up and Running!

CFB Petawawa Web Site is Announced!

Though it is currently in its infancy with some content still missing (filled in with coming soon pages), the CFB Petawawa Website is it is fully functional.

Over the next few days they will be compiling a multitude of data for implementation, tying up the odds and ends of the site. If you encounter any problems while viewing the site or have any feedback to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact them as they are fully open to suggestions and constructive criticism, as this is your site too.
Additionally, any links you could provide that may be relevant to one of their three link sections would be greatly appreciated. A French version should also be available shortly.

CFB Petawawa had lost its internet presence over the last year, and as they are an important part of this country, they need to reinstate that presence and in time it will become a thriving military and community resource.

You can visit the new site:

or at the old address:

Don't forget to bookmark it! ... and...Happy Browsing!

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