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Uxbridge showed its support for our troops by turning Main Street and Elgin Park into a Sea of Red as the crowd donned red t-shirts and participated in a parade, drum head service songs and more.
On Saturday April 21, 2007 the Town of Uxbridge Ontario, held a mass rally in support of our troops. Organizer Dave Thibodeau began by taping messages of support from local service groups, the idea caught fire, and grew
A video was created as a contribution to this outpouring of support, to be sent to Kandahar and all the deployment bases in Canada, to show our troops that we support them
Some of the participants in the Parade were the Uxbridge Legion Pipes and Drums, the Uxbridge Cadets, neighbouring Legion pipe bands, the Durham EMS, along with Army Jeeps and 'G'-Wagons.
Thousands donned red t-shirts and participated in a parade, drum-head service, songs and more. The military sent a helicopter, a C-130, and Canada's Top Gun Captain, Steven Neirlich, in a CF-18 Hornet from CFB Bagotville.

Featured acts at the fair Grounds after the parade included One Voice Choir, The Retrofits, Town Crier Bill McKee and a Comedian with John Cavers acting as MC. A 130 Hercules transport did a fly over along with a CF 18 Hornet from CFB Bagotville piloted by Captain Steven Neirlich who was born and raised locally and a CH 146 Griffin tactical helicopter from CFB Borden flew over during the parade.
Other communities also joined this emotionally moving demonstration. The message is clear. We support those who have put themselves in harms way, for the good of others.

Unlike many countries our forces are not conscripts. Members of the Canadian Forces are not drafted or conscripted, they voluntarily sign on knowing that they will continually be putting their lives on the line for us and others in this global community in which we live.
In addition to standing on guard for the hard fought for freedoms we enjoy in this country today our Armed Forces have always played a key role in helping to maintain peace around the Globe. While few would say that they support war or strife it is only appropriate that we all support those who strive to minimize the impact it has on our lives, our land and throughout the world

To view the video, click on: (thank you to our reader in the comments section)

Thank you Sapper Mike McTeague for all you have done for us.. you have given us great inspiration. Proud of you!! Thank you, from Military Mom


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Thank you "realtax". The support shown through the video is overwhelming! It's heartening to see so many people gathering together in one town.. with a purpose - and that being showing support for our troops. Thank you for sharing with us.