Friday, August 24, 2007

"Highway of Heroes - It's official"

It’s official! Highway of Heroes:
Province approves designation for
Highway 401 Trenton to Toronto
Article by: Pete Fisher -Friday, August 24, 2007
It’s official! The stretch of Highway 401 between Trenton and Toronto will now be known as the Highway of Heroes in honour of Canada’s fallen soldiers. "We’re going to do it," exclaimed Minister of Transportation Donna Cansfield speaking with the Cobourg Daily Star Friday. Ms.
Cansfield was at a caucus retreat spoke shortly after the Premier held a media scrum to announce the decision. "The Premier wants this done, and done right away," Ms. Cansfield said. "I think it’s wonderful. "Every time you go down the highway and a child asks about the sign — they learn. It’s a living legacy." CTV has said the highway will not lose it’s official designation as the MacDonald-Cartier Freeway, but signs designating the route as the Highway of Heroes will be erected along the route from Trenton to Toronto. Ms. Cansfield said everyone at the government retreat said positive things about the name designation. Members of the provincial government will now be consulting with members from two Legions group to work on the proper signage for the highway. It’s expected the unveiling of the signs will take place at C.F.B. Trenton.

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