Tuesday, August 28, 2007

List Your Ideas in My Absence

Unfortunately, I will need to be away again.
In my absence, let's keep the blog going by listing in the comments section, ideas for care packages and I will collaborate with a list I will be making and will post on my return. It will be a grand posting as I have received wonderful ideas from many readers in past to which I will publish as well. Sooo... let's get creative, help each other and get our ideas out.
Godspeed to our soldiers.


Anonymous said...

Some of the things I sent my husband:

*baby wipes (the good ones)*essential for a soldier in the field
*pop-top cans of tuna with crackers
*instant soup (the kind that comes with its own cup)
*instant oatmeal
*individual packets of crystal lite/ iced tea

*hope this helps


Anonymous said...

Some of the stuff we (and friends and extended family) sent our son last year:
small artifical xmas tree with lights & decorations
halloween candy (small packets good for sharing)
crystal light, kool-aid etc (individual packets)
travel games
kraft dinner (real stuff not the easy mac)
100 calorie snack packs - again good for sharing and easy to carry
books, magazines
instant hot apple drink
laundromat sized boxes of Tide
notecards with preaddressed envelopes (esp to the less computer savy relatives)
tim horton certificates for when in KAF
water bottles (hard plastic)

Hope all is well Rose. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Debbie & Rick

Military Mom said...

Thanks so much for your input Debbie, Rick and Ann :) It will mean so much for other families and the soldiers at the receiving end of course.
I'm here for the night and I'm away again.I'll have the letter and entry composed on my return.
Once again thank you so much!

With Regards and warm thoughts