Sunday, August 12, 2007

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Photo by: m.m.
Photo of my mom's favourite rose.
"No one has anything like it." , she'd say.
I agree mom- it was grown with your love.
As you may have realized, I have not been posting as regularly as I have in the past.
I have been dealing with a family crisis. So, please bear with me.
As I think of last night, tears well up in my eyes.
As I stood vigilant with my sisters over my mother's bed, we notice movement in the hallway.
There standing in the doorway wearing a Kandahar Tim Hortons cap and holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers was my son. A ran to him, the hug meant so much. His friend had brought him down, driving the many hours for him to see his grandmother. A small smile and a word murmurred from my mother- "nice" and she fell back into her deep sleep.

"Thank you M. and K. ox"
I love you Mom

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Che said...

So sorry to hear of your Mom's illness. I too had a mom that had been ill. The night before her passing in June my son as well stood in her doorway looking sad but proud that he was able to be at his grandmother's side. His one big fear about doing his tour was that he wouldn't be here when his grandmother left this world.

I've never written in a blog before but this story touched a very close spot in my heart. Prayers be with your family