Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Appliance Parts Pros Send Comfort Packages

While away, I received an email from Dave. (thank you for your support letting us know about all the efforts Appliance Parts Pros are doing for US troops serving overseas! )

Appliance Parts Pros, has set up to send care packages to the men and women overseas. The contest is called Comforts of Home and in addition to the 80 care packages they've already sent, they will deliver items like calling cards and writing materials to the Troops so they can stay in touch with loved ones this upcoming holiday season.
To help send additional items and packages, Appliance Parts Pros is asking for people to either write about their holiday cooking horror stories, or to post messages of support to the Troops on their blogs. Thank you Appliance Parts Pro for supporting the troops! Sends 80 'Comforts of Home' Packages to US Troops Overseas Packages have been sent to soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan in time for the holiday

US soldiers serving in theater will soon receive 80 care packages that contain items they have requested online in various forums and message boards. The packages contain a 300 minute calling card and writing materials for the soldiers to connect with their loved ones back home this holiday season, as well as magazines, protein rich snacks, and personal hygiene materials such as hand sanitizers and lip balm. The packages also include a card with well wishes from the staff at in California.

"Our troops are performing a tremendous service for our country and we wanted to help them feel comfortable while they are away from home this holiday season," said Roman Kagan, CEO of Appliance Parts Pros. "I work with a former Marine and recognize the hardships that our soldiers face on a daily basis. After seeing requests for these types of items on message boards and forums we decided to help out."The "Comforts of Home" packages have been sent to the men and women of Alpha Co. 3/69 AR and 2ND PLT, A BTRY 1-9 FA in Iraq and 1-508th PIR 82nd ABN DIV in Afghanistan.The 80 packages have a retail value of $60 each, not including shipping.

"Serving overseas for long periods of time can be tough on both the soldier and their family back home. We wanted to make sure the soldiers can connect with their loved ones over the holidays and we hope including the 300 minute Military Exchange Prepaid Calling Card in the package helps them do that," stated Kagan.


Anonymous said...

Do not buy from Appliance parts pros. Their customer service did not help me one little bit. They sent me the wrong part and then made it as hard as possible for me to return it. I had to buy a new Appliance that day to solve my problem and I still have not received my money back for the part they sent me or call backs on my voice mails. They are not a company who lives up to their word. Expect to wait an hour on hold and then leave a message. If your time or money is valuable to you. Do not buy from these people

Cooper said...

I got replacement part for my dishwasher from Appliance Parts Pros... It is nice and working great!!