Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kitchener Woman Sends Care Packages to Troops

Hearts and Packages Sent to Our Troops -
I had noticed that a friend, Lt (N) Terri-Leigh Saunders had been pretty busy lately. She had been busy preparing care packages for the troops! I have posted some of her pictures through this entry.

Photo credits: Terri-Leigh (thank you for sharing them with us- you're a true inspiration to all)

Care (comfort) Packages are ready to go!

"I had a really great time putting them together!" said Terri-Leigh. She had already been preparing a care package for her friend - and continued packing.. for many others.

What actually sparked it was an officer that she served with out west, Lt (N) Jean Cyr. Her husband is also a Lt (N) and is currently serving in Afghanistan. He was noticing that a lot of his troops weren't receiving anything! No cards, no care packages, nothing! He got in touch with other CO's in the area and was hearing the same thing.

In turn, they compiled a last of names for troops who had not received a single piece of mail or anything since arriving in Afghanistan. All together there was about 250 names!

Cyr got in touch with other officers she knew. The challenge was on - get cadets involved with supporting our troops. Since the cadet unit Terri-Leigh works with is rather small, doing up many care packages was challenging. Every cadet signed Christmas Cards for everyone on the list!
From there, she approached the Naval Association in Waterloo for additional support for care packages. With donations from the Naval Association and Ladies Auxiliary, as well as personal donations from members they ended up with about $750.00!

Terri-Leigh then used that money to purchase items to go in all the care packages, as well as the stockings and the t-shirts (They were $25.00 each with $5.00 from each shirt going to the Juno Beach Centre in memory of fallen comrades)

They purchased many items in bulk quantities (cost effective) and some things were donated.

Each package in the end ended up being worth about $85.00.

"Like I said, it was really fun putting the packages together. Each one also got a card, and a letter. I was already doing up a package for my friend CFS Alert so this was just added fun! After the holidays we're going to see how many are left that didn't receive packages, or if we can send additional ones." said Terri-Leigh.
On behalf of military families, a big HUA and THANK YOU goes out to Lt. (N) Terri-Leigh Saunders, Lt (N) Jean Cyr, her husband, the CO's overseas, the Waterloo Naval Association, Ladies' Auxilliary and Cadets!
Merry Christmas!
***** Note: If you have any care package pictures or stories, send them to me at and I'll publish your story.*****


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Amazing people bring this world together!