Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Well, I'm back (for now). It was a harrowing week, but at times when I just needed to take my mind off "things" I took to reading my books. Well, let me tell you, "15 days.." by Christie Blatchford has proven to be an excellent insight into our soldiers' mission, feelings and thoughts. You feel as though you're there.. alongside the troops. Now I know why, (other than confidentiality purposes), my son has spared me many details-yikes.) These men are true heroes. Oh..while reading this book, the interview with Christie Blatchford appeared on the hospital's tv.

I think fate and thoughts of my son were with me. For a change of pace, I picked up a magazine laying in a bin at the hospital door. While perusing it, with great interest, I started reading one of the articles. It was a story of our soldiers in Afghanistan. But what really caught my eye??.. were the names of some of the soldiers serving alongside my son!

Then... the next evening, at my dad's bedside at the hospital, I turned that small portable tv on for him. With the sound of the monitors and the hiss of the oxygen, I suddenly heard a new sound - my dad's excited voice shouting: "Look! It's my grandson.. on tv!" A news station had published a story of soldiers training in the snowy forests of CFB Petawawa.

With worries of my dad, wherever I turned this past week, my son was with me.

"Bears?" ;)

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.
- Glenn Turner


Anonymous said...

I had bought "fifteen days" for my husband for Christmas--but while at a book store last week, I picked up a copy and started looking at it--and my husband said--"just so you know, I dont want a book about afghanistan for christmas..."I've "read" the book" he said (if you know what I mean).
I know what you mean about being spared the "details". When my husband came home, and I began to learn a few more details, I started at him and his friends and said "how is it that you guys are sitting in front of me right now?"
*My thoughts are with you and your son, and your family.
Have a great Christmas !

Military Mom said...

Hello Ann.. I understand what you mean. They "lived" the book. After reading 15 Days, I don't know how they did it- my gratitude and support and tremedous pride of our soldiers has surmounted greatly after reading of the perils and dangers they went through.

All the best to you Ann and your husband and family for a VERY merry and warm Christmas holiday!
Time to make a Christmas care package for at home :)