Thursday, July 03, 2008

Canex Discounts for Soldiers

Woaaaa!! Have I been sleeping?? How did I miss this??? This is a phenominal website - and truly beneficial to all soldiers! O.k. let me give you a hint: It has one word that I love: "DISCOUNTS!! " Please pass this on!

The CANEX Discount Program (CDP) gives access, at a discounted rates, to a wide range of commercial goods and services that benefit the military community. This program provides an online portal where members of the military community can obtain information about meaningful national and local discounts offered to them by Corporate Canada.

The authorized patron list is as follows:
(CANEX Discount Program (CDP) - Authorized Patrons List)
  • Serving members of the CF and their spouses

  • Members of the CF Reserve Force

  • Retired CF members and DND civilian employees in receipt of a DND pension

  • Permanent full time or part time NPF and DND employees and their spouses

  • CANEX Concessionaires (principals only)

  • Qualifying foreign military personnel

  • Retired NPF employees in receipt of an NPF pension

  • Full time employees of ASD contractors

  • Widows of CF personnel receiving a benefit under the CFSA, DSPCA, the Pension Act or he War Veterans Allowance Act

  • Members of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires when residing or employed on a Base/Wing

  • Members of the RCMP
If you are a CANEX Authorized Patron, listed above, please click onto: CANEX DISCOUNTS or NOW!

Thank you CANEX!

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