Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Task Force 1-08

Do you ever wonder which soldiers are currently serving overseas? Well, let me introduce the Task Force 1-08 Battle Group (Roto 5) to you: (and remember, these soldiers and their families come from cities all across Canada -they may live next door to you) :

Task Force 1-08’s Battle Group is being led by The Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. (click on link for Gov. owned PPCLI website) The Battle Group officially stood up on April 2, 2007. The bulk of the soldiers are from Valcartier, Quebec, Shilo, Manitoba, and Edmonton, Alberta.
About 1000 members make up the Battle Group, including approximately 150 Reservists from across Land Force Western Area.

The Battle Group is comprised of the following elements:

Battle Group Headquarters – 2 PPCLI (Shilo);
2 x LAV Rifle Companies – B and C Companies 2 PPCLI (Shilo) and elements of A Company 3 PPCLI (Edmonton);
1 x M777 Artillery Battery with 2 x STA Troops – B Battery 1 RCHA (Shilo);
1 x Field Engineer Squadron – 12 Field Squadron 1 CER (Edmonton);
1 x Reconnaissance Platoon – 2 PPCLI (Shilo);
1 x Reconnaissance Squadron – D Squadron 12 RBC (Valcartier);
1 x Tank Squadron – B Squadron LdSH(RC) (Edmonton); and
1 x Medical Company – 1 Field Ambulance (Edmonton).

Support our Soldiers and their Families for all they do and endure.



NOTICE: Package Cut Off Date for Task Force 1-08
Please be advised that the Canadian Forces Postmaster Kandahar, has determined that 31 July 2008 will be the recommended Cut Off Date for mail being sent from Canada to Afghanistan for all Deployed persons on Roto 5 TF 1-08. This date allows for an approximate 6 week "clearance" window. Parcels and letters may still be sent after 31 July but it is suggested that all morale mail be sent on or before this date.

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