Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Soldiers' Home Predeployment Checklist

Next Battle Group's "Home Predeployment Checklist"

  • Insure Family Support has all your correct contact information
  • Social workers/ Padre interview done and they received Contact Information
  • Power of attorney completed
  • Power of Attorney distributed to bank, loans, insurance etc...
  • Banking and Pay office access/ are in good order
  • Will/ Insurance updated,
  • Living Will discussed
  • Application/ Possession of passport,
  • letter for children to travel abroad
  • HLTA plan in place
  • Have Vehicle insurance renewal plan in place (if the vehicle is in the members name)
  • Inform Family Support of contact information if you leave primary residence for 24hrs or more
  • Make sure your spouse has pre signed copies of the Public Service Health Care Plan Claim form( Link Here)
  • and the Canadian Forces Dependants Dental Care Plan( Link Here )
  • addresses/contact information of family and friends (o.k... I added this one myself)
  • give your family an idea of some things that you would really, really enjoy in a care package (I'll list an update here as well)
  • don't forget to give your family YOUR address info. (for the many letters that will be sent your way)
  • give your family and loved ones many, many hugs and be prepared to receive many as well (ok... I added this one too)

And for parents of deploying soldier - it is important that you have an updated passport, should the need arise should you need to travel unexpectantly (injury, hlta, etc.)

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marinemom said...

My son is USMC stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He's recently injured. Is there any type of funding or programs that help defray travel costs. He has been there 8 months and has "home time" coming to him but we can't afford the flights. I would be willing to go there to help him,also. Please, if anyone knows of any sort of programs let me know, Marianne. kasmir611@yahoo.com