Thursday, March 22, 2007

Harper Would Like to See More Support for Soldiers

Stephen Harper would "like to see more support
in the House of Commons from all sides
for Canadian men and women in uniform."

March 21, 2007

"Mr. Speaker, I can understand the passion that the Leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners. I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers," Mr. Harper told the House of Commons replying to Liberal Stephane Dion to a standing ovation from his caucus.
Mr. Harper's comments were reminiscent of his allegations last month that the Liberals are "soft on terrorism" and refused to extend anti-terrorism measures in order to protect the family of a Liberal MP.
Mr. Harper refused to apologize, saying he simply wants to defend the military.
"I would like to see more support in the House of Commons from all sides for Canadian men and women in uniform," he said.
"I think Canadians expect that from parliamentarians in every party. They have not been getting it, and they deserve it."

Comments today in the House of Commons' Question Period, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this in response to Stephane Dion's request for the resignation of Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor.
Stephane Dion

Jason Kenney, the secretary of state for multiculturalism, later said Mr. Harper was simply laying out facts.

"All [the Liberals] ever seem to do is ask questions about Taliban prisoners and not the condition of our troops, and I think the Prime Minister was pointing out the obvious," Mr. Kenney said.

Mr. O'Connor had rendered a public apology maintaining that detainees are in good hands in Afghanistan. "We have engaged the Afghan Human Rights Commission that will go into the Afghan system and be able to check to see how the detainees are treated. It will report back to us if there is any maltreatment," the Defence Minister said.


Ann said...

Thank you Prime Minister Harper !

Military Mom said...

Harper has supported our troops 200% A big "HUA" for PM Harper!