Monday, March 12, 2007

Remembering Our Fallen

Remembering Our Fallen
by: Cpl Jason Lamont

We all stand at attention,
left arms stiff at our sides.
Bodies straight, tall and proud,
right arm saluting in pride.

Our fallen comrades are hoisted up,
to shoulder height they lay.
Carried by eight of their brothers in arms,
then the Bag Pipes start to play.

The music moves our souls,
with the spirits of the lost.
All four are slow-marched in succession,
following two men with a cross.

We struggle to fight the tears,
the hurt inside starts to swell.
Our throats get all choked up,
I feel the need to yell.

Why was it you and not me?
the guilt I feel is so intense.
But that question can never be answered,
death will never make sense.

Tears now fill our eyes,
as the silver coffins are marched past.
The Canadian flag drapes across them,
flags that will forever be at half-mast.

We think about the battle,
we think about their lives.
We think of all the memories,
we pray for their families and wives.

These soldiers fought for their country,
and paid the ultimate cost.
They are brave and truly courageous,
and their memory will never be lost.

We know they’ve met St. Peter,
and are beyond heaven’s pearly gates.
They’re at peace now from this hellish war,
and away from all this hate.

Our arms snap to attention,
and we taste our salty tears.
We hurt so much for the loss of you,
we wish that you were still here.

We bow our heads in one last prayer,
touch your caskets and say goodbye.
We will miss you all so dearly,
but will smile when we look up at the sky.

We’ll think of you often,
and how you’ve touched us all.
We’ll go and celebrate the lives you led,
we’ll stay up until last call.

We’ll hold our glasses high,
and we’ll cheers to your life and name.
And we’ll slam that shot down and smile,
beause we know you’re doing the same.
Written By: Corporal Jason Lamont
Health Service and Support Company (HSS Coy)
Task Force ORION
August 5, 2006
"Thank you Cpl Jason Lamont.
You have given us the perspective from a soldier's side
- one many families and friends have not experienced. "

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vulpecula insidior said...

Hello ... i am a military brat/wife. my mate is a member of 2RCR & is currently serving his 6th tour in 16 years of service ~1st time in Afghanistan .. i have a LONG family history of military service..i have read a lot of material ... attended too many funerals. watched too many lonely births... & i have cried a river of tears for all our military members. i just finished reading this poem i am still here crying while i type this message as this is probably one of the most beautifully expressed poems i have ever read in honor of our fallen & surviving comrades. i want to say thank you to Cpl Jason Lamont for sharing such a beautiful expression of sorrow,love, guilt, & pride with us. i am overwhelmed at how touching & honest it is.
Please keep your pen flowing ... you indeed do inspire with its words. Thank You for Serving our country & the world . may the Gods bless you & send the angels to keep you all safe.
with love & gratitude from
a soldiers proud, waiting wife..
Pro Patria